Leading Off (4/18/14)

Earthquake Rattles Northwest Dallas. The 2.5 on the Richter scale was centered near Northwest Highway and Interstate 35E. So what is it that the Pappas Bros have done to anger God? Or are the unholy goings-on at Ojos Locos to blame?

Mesh Mask Bandit Gets 20 Years. Former immigration activist Luis de la Garza had asked the judge for a shorter prison sentence, explaining that he’s eager to return to his community activism. “I want to be OK with my country, because this country has given me a lot of opportunities,” he said, wisely not mentioning that among those opportunities was the chance to commit 20 bank robberies.

Police Name Person of Interest in Deadly Hit-and-Run. Authorities are looking for 24-year-old Dagoberto Castanon in connection with the fatal crash that killed a 13-year-old boy in the M Streets on Tuesday. Castanon reportedly has an extensive criminal history and was even previously deported in October 2012.

UNT Misstated Finances by $23 Million. More money problems for the university, which has hired outside auditors to suss out the full extent of shortfalls that seem to have been hidden by questionable reporting.

Man Thrown From Bridge, Stuck in Mud. Dude gets kicked out of the car by his girlfriend along Interstate 30. A bunch of guys happen by in a van and offer him a lift. Then a little ways down the road, they pull over and throw him off a bridge. He falls the equivalent of two stories, can’t free himself from the mud, and has to call 911 to get him out. Dallas responders bring in the city of Wylie for assistance because Wylie has a hovercraft. Yes, I’ve buried the lede: Wylie has a hovercraft.

It’s Good Friday. One last round of Filet-O-Fish for all you Catholics.

UPDATE: You need to see Wylie’s hovercraft in action. (h/t @_paulknight)

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Help Wanted: Online Assistant Dining Editor

It’s a sad day for SideDish. Our Carol Shih will soon be abandoning us to move to the San Francisco Bay area. She plans to prospect gold or develop an app that points you to the location of the closest freely available snack or something.

Anyway, her departure — a true loss for us — opens up an opportunity. See the details below, and start spreading the news.

D Magazine.com seeks an editor to keep our online food and dining content the best in Dallas. Responsibilities include continual management and enhancement of the thousands of listings in our restaurant directory, keeping up with the latest openings and closings, and ensuring that the information we provide our readers is the most accurate and helpful in the city. This editor should be the sort of person who would wake up in night sweats realizing that he or she accidentally marked a restaurant’s closing time on Thursdays as 10 p.m. when it should have been 11 p.m. Also required of the position are regular contributions to our SideDish blog, including first looks at new restaurants before any other outlets in town, and voicing opinions to spur a lively daily discussion of the Dallas dining scene. We don’t want one-sided rewrites of press releases. This editor must have a competitive nature that causes him or her to become extremely irritated at, and to swear revenge upon, any blog or publication that might beat us to reporting an important piece of local industry news. But the job isn’t all eating and writing. The editor must be comfortable working with an online CMS and not break into hives when confronted with a massive spreadsheet full of data that must be manually entered (like typing a phonebook), often for hours at a stretch. If you’re interested, please don’t apply merely by emphasizing your “passion” for the subject matter. Tell us instead about the knowledge and skills that make you the absolute best fit for our needs. To do so, email a cover letter and resume to jason.heid@dmagazine.com.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 17

Many of you are on the eve of a three-day weekend, and I can feel the early departure anticipation from here. It’s been an unusually healthy week for concerts, and that seems appropriate since film and art have been hogging the spotlight for the past two weeks. But before we get to the music, I […]

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The Mark Cuban Commercial That Continues To Drive Me Insane

If you watched last night’s Mavs game, then you saw Mark Cuban’s AT&T Uverse Live commercial about 200 times. No exaggeration. I was going to say 4,000 times, but that’s clearly an exaggeration. I’ve written about this over-aired commercial before, wondering why a billionaire would allow a telecommunications company to mock his bald spot in a television commercial. When a commercial airs as frequently as this one does, it’s impossible not to break it down shot by shot, frame by frame. It’s like reindeer and the Sami people of northern Russia and Scandinavia. The Sami have something like 1,000 words for reindeer. You know why? Because the Sami don’t get to watch basketball on TV. They are forced to watch reindeer on TV. As a result, they get really into reindeer. So it is with me and this Mark Cuban commercial.

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American Blogger: The Most Important Film in the History of Cinema, Ever

Chris Wiegand of Dallas is a visionary filmmaker. Don’t take my word for it. Take his word for it. The trailer he posted recently for his new project, American Blogger, describes the deep spiritual apotheosis one is likely to experience upon watching this “beautifully filmed and artistically crafted” film.

Inspired by the blog of his own attractive blonde wife Casey, Chris drove across this great nation of ours, fighting for freedom and meeting with other beautiful female wordsmiths — mavens of fashion, style, and interior design. They’re part of a movement that could, potentially, change our world. Good-looking women will no longer have to put up with being ignored. At long last they have a means for commanding the attention that they deserve but have never received often enough.

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Leading Off (4/17/14)

One Year Later, West Continues To Rebuild. Here is a good look at where everything stands.

Judge Carlos Cortez’s Unsealed Court Documents Include Allegations of Cocaine Use and Sexual Abuse. This report shows you exactly why he fought so hard to keep them sealed for so long. It’s not because they say he’s a “smooth karaoke singer” and a “showboat dancer.”

Mavericks Lose In Overtime; Start Playoffs Sunday Against the Spurs. That was an exhausting game to watch. The Mavs will have their hands full with the Spurs, obviously, since they haven’t beaten them once this season and it hasn’t ever been that close.

Other Sports News: Stars lose first game in playoff series against Ducks; Rangers win another game in walk-off fashion.

Giant Chalk Jesus? Giant Chalk Jesus.

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Six Dogs Walk Into Downtown Neimans

Art Ortiz is the pack leader at DogFit Dallas. You can often see him walking around downtown with several dogs in tow. He’s great at identifying dogs with people problems, and is a godsend to many of us downtown dog owners.

He posted this video earlier today. As he explains it, he’d always heard Neiman Marcus was dog friendly, but had never taken his dogs inside. Today, during his normal walk, he decided to see what would happen. The overall reaction was great: everyone was kind and welcoming.

So the next time you’re thinking about making a trip to Neimans, take your dog along, or give Art a call. Either way, your dog will be happy.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 16

Our little pal to the north will be getting just a bit cooler this evening, as Denton celebrates the opening of its first dedicated food truck lot. Located just a block off of the square, the Austin St. Truck Stop will feature such healthy fare as The Waffle Wagon and the Dough Boys Pizza Truck. […]

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Dallas Stars to Begin First Playoffs of Young Fan’s Life

Since I took him to his first hockey game, my son Zachary has become the biggest Stars fan I know while simultaneously, given his stature, being the smallest Stars fan I know. He listens to all of their games on the radio (we don’t have cable), then watches the highlights online. After seeing an in-arena promo for Little Rookies, the Stars’ free hockey lessons for kids ages 4-8, he begged me to sign him up.

Tonight, the Stars will skate in the playoffs for the first time since Zachary was born. To preview the postseason, I bring you this exclusive interview he granted me when I got home from work last night.

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Series by Dallas’ Michael Lark Nominated For Eisner Award

Lazarus, an Image Comics series drawn by Dallas artist Michael Lark, has been nominated for an Eisner, which is the comic-book industry’s version of an Oscar.

Another Dallas connection: Although he doesn’t live here, the series’s writer — Greg Rucka — is repped by David Hale Smith.

The nomination was in the Best New Series category. Winners will be announced in July during Comic Con International in San Diego.

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D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: John Wiley Price, American Hustler

With indications that the federal case against Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price may finally be moving forward—nearly three years after the FBI’s investigation of Price went public—it seems a fitting time to revisit D Magazine‘s 1991 profile of him. It’s one of our 40 greatest stories.

The piece, written by someone named Laura Miller, gets into some of the same sort of questionable financial transactions that have caught the government’s attention and could reportedly result in indictments any time now. But the most disturbing allegations come from several women who talk of having been sexually assaulted by the powerful politician. Price denies to Miller all of these claims.

After reading this article, it seems remarkable that 23 years later Price still sits on the commissioners’ court—still doing things like telling white people to go to hell. It’s hard to read about Price without being reminded of the immortal words of State Sen. Clay Davis: “Sheeeeeet.”

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Leading Off (4/16/14)

Charges Dropped Against Pig Blood Executive: I was going to explain this a little more, but this SEO-friendly Morning News headline should do the trick: “Criminal charges dropped against Dallas slaughterhouse executive; charges remain against company, another executive for pig blood and toxic chemicals found in Trinity tributary.

Teen Killed in Hit-and-Run Following Police Chase: Ethan Vasquez was a 13-year-old with a big smile, a seventh-grader at an Uptown gifted-and-talented school. On Tuesday morning in the M Streets, on his way to school, a stolen minivan crashed into a car driven by his mother. Ethan was killed, and his mother is in critical condition at Baylor Medical Center. The driver and passenger of the stolen minivan fled on foot.

Gubernatorial Candidates Continue to Find Tiny Things to Talk About: Just yesterday, Wendy Davis criticized Greg Abbott’s education platform, the PPP released its latest poll numbers (Abbott is still ahead, markedly, and ahead with female voters), Abbott released his tax forms/Davis filed for an extension, and we found out Davis is having outpatient neck surgery. Only seven more months, folks!

Mavs Fight For Seventh Seed Tonight: The Mavs take on the Grizzlies, for the right to not have to play the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. Both teams lost all four games they played against San Antonio this season; the Mavs are 2-1 against Oklahoma City (the two-seed as of this typing), while the Grizz went 1-2 against the Thunder. If the Mavs lose and end up playing the Spurs, though, it would make my inclusion of this bizarre sandwich conversation video between Spurs reserve Matt Bonner and Geto Boy Bushwick Bill seem less odd.

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