Is DISD About To Raise Our Taxes?

Over on LearningCurve, Eric has a look at some numbers that suggest, as he says, we’re about to have a real grown-up, put-the-kids-to-bed discussion about where we’re headed as a city and if we’re willing to pay for change. While you’re at it, you should read his recap of the most recent home-rule commission meeting. It’s actually pretty entertaining. Not only does he find a way to bring up the movie High Fidelity, but he manages to poke me in the ribs, too.

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Museum Tower Shows Strong Uptick in Sales

Last night, I was leaving downtown shortly before 10 o’clock when I espied Museum Tower and what appeared to be about six of its residents still awake and with their lights on. “Either that tower is still very empty,” I thought, “or the folks who live there turn in early.” So, once again, I combed through the numbers in DCAD.

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Do You Have a Nurse You Love?

Every year, we throw a fancy dinner to recognize the finest nurses in North Texas. For our annual Best Docs list, we rely on their peers to tell us who deserves the honor. Nurses are a little different. We open up the process to patients, who can nominate a nurse based on their experience with the health-care professional. Too often, the tireless work of these people goes unnoticed. We’re here to change that. The nomination process is painless. See for yourself. Deadline is nigh, though. Get cracking.

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Leading Off (8/14/14)

Wild About Harry’s Tribute Today. You probably heard that Harry Coley died yesterday. Well, today from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., folks are invited to drop by the Knox Street custard store and pay their respects.

Yu Darvish Put on Disabled List. When I see the printed version of the newspaper when I get to work, the “Yu, Too” headline had best have the comma in it. I’m serious about this. Anyway, more bad news for the Rangers.

Upscale Keller Neighborhood Has Problem With Beavers. Offered without comment.

Irving Kid Nearly Drowns. Just read the story. Notice how it is told. I wish the Morning News would let its reporters take more chances like this. Well done.

AT&T Launches GigaBit Today. The fastest AT&T internet connection will initially only be available in the Park Cities. Though other parts of North Texas will get upgraded speeds. Here’s the ad for the service.

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Shirt Connects Man to 31-Year-Old Denton Murder

This is strange. A Minnesota TV station reports that 53-year-old Robert Otteson was arrested in Lakeville, Minnesota, for a 1983 murder in Denton. How was he connected to the crime?

Until now, only a sketch existed of a potential suspect. A source told Fox 9 that Otteson’s home was searched this past winter and a shirt was found in the garbage. DNA on the shirt connected Otteson to the murder.

This can’t be accurate, can it? You get away with murder for 30 years but you’ve been holding on to an incriminating shirt all these years?

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D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: Barrett Brown and Anonymous

Considering his future plans, Barrett Brown told Tim Rogers in early 2011: “I might move to New York or L.A. I might stay here. Or I might be in jail.”

Frequent readers of this blog know already which of those relocations came to pass, because Brown has lately been our Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution correspondent. He was arrested in September 2012 after posting a video online — following an earlier FBI raid on his apartment — in which he threatened to kill federal agents. He got some good news in March, when the government dropped most of its charges against him. He no longer faces the prospect of a 105-year prison sentence, but he still awaits sentencing (on Oct. 6) for obstruction of justice and those death threats he made.

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Leading Off (8/13/14)

“I’m Pissed Off at America,” Says Doug-e-stan Founder: Douglas LeGuin is sitting in jail, charged with seven counts of aggravated assault on a public servant. Those counts stem from his luring of police and fire officers to the North 40 Lane subdivision off Frankford Road, booby-trapping a house with propane, then shooting at the officers. “I seceded from the nation,” LeGuin told a police dispatcher. “This is Doug-e-stan right here.” All shooting and booby-trapping aside….Doug-e-stan? Doug. Come on. You could’ve even just used LeGuin, if you wanted to keep it familial. It would’ve sounded like a French colony. Now it’s just Doug-e-stan, which sounds like what Kevin James might’ve called his garage on King of Queens.

Weatherford Police Continue Search for Flag-burner: [Puts on deerstalker hat]: look for the kid with the NIИ logo Sharpied into his physics notebook, the one who’s got nothing else to do on a Monday night two days before school starts again. I don’t think we’re looking for a hardened criminal. [Removes deerstalker hat.]

Cowboys, Raiders Fight During Practice: Wait, I should’ve said “Cowboys, Raiders, and Random Fan Fight During Practice,” because, bizarrely, that’s what happened. The fight started when Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne tackled a Raiders player; there was supposed to be no tackling at the practice. Raiders players rushed to their teammate’s defense, and so did a fan. The fan hit Claiborne twice with his hand, and once with a helmet. A good joke: “Get that man a Cowboys jersey!!!!”

Pet Buffalo Shot to Death: Her name was Precious and she was beautiful and someone trudged 400 yards through the brush to shoot her. Teddy Roosevelt would not be pleased.

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Did Anyone Notice That the City Council Showed Real Leadership Last Week?

Steve Blow’s column over the weekend was right on in pointing out that Mayor Mike Rawlings’ idea of a buffer zone for sexual predators is not a good one. But it goes beyond the reasons Blow mentions. Not only does it sometimes make it tough on people who don’t fit our typical idea of what a sex offender is, it’s also bad policy. In fact, some experts argue buffer zones make children less safe. And it should be noted that the Council did an outstanding job acting like leaders and not pushing through an ill-considered ordinance.

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