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Ron Paul: Aim for ‘Perfect Safety’ on Ebola Threatens Civil Liberties

Ron Paul, the former Texas congressman, doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with his son Rand, the U.S. senator from Kentucky and possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate. Take the subject of Ebola, for example. Rand isn’t so sure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is playing straight about how you can catch the virus. But his libertarian/conservative father downplays the threat.

The senior Paul likens the current “hysteria” over the virus—including the attempted quarantining of healthcare workers just back from Africa—to other efforts to deprive Americans of their liberties. “There’s nothing wrong with being cautious. But my caution is, don’t overdo it, because it’s impossible to achieve what you want,” Paul said in Dallas today, a few minutes after addressing a luncheon meeting of the National Center for Policy Analysis. “You’d have to lock up everybody who has a cough.”

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Chris Kyle’s Accused Killer Won’t Face Death Penalty

Erath County prosecutors have decided to seek a life sentence without parole for Eddie Routh:

Routh is accused of shooting Chris Kyle, 38, and Chad Littlefield, 35, both of Midlothian, on Feb. 2, 2013, at the shooting range at Rough Creek Lodge, an upscale resort outside Glen Rose in Erath County. The lodge is about 77 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Area police reports documented Routh’s mental problems well before the killings at the gun range.

As her son’s condition worsened, Jodi Leigh Routh contacted Kyle and asked him to help. Kyle is considered one of the deadliest snipers in U.S. military history.

By now you’ve surely heard on this blog or elsewhere about Kyle. His memoir, American Sniper, has been made into a film that will be released on Christmas.

Maybe your stomach for executing someone as so clearly mentally disturbed as Routh has been reported to be — especially someone whose mental ills may stem in part from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of serving his country — is stronger than mine, but this seems like the right call.

The trial is set to begin Feb. 9 in Stephenville.

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Finance Panel: Southern Dallas Just Needs More George Baileys

Last night the Dallas Morning News held a campaign event panel discussion hosted by Mayor Mike Rawlings at Adamson High School in Oak Cliff to discuss financing and investment in Dallas’ southern sector. What brought me out, in part, was Dallas Fed chair Richard Fisher, who was to speak. But I was also intrigued by the promise of looking at issues of poverty, race, and southern Dallas development within the context of the financial services industry, an important, though often overlooked, ingredient in the legacy of blight and disinvestment in the southern sector.

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‘Apparently’ Kid Visits the State Fair of Texas for the Ellen Show

A month ago, Ellen DeGeneres announced on her daytime talk show that she was sending Noah Ritter (he of ‘apparently’ viral video fame) as her correspondent to report from the State Fair of Texas. A few weeks ago, a tweet by the Dallas Police Department confirmed that he had arrived.

Yesterday the video of his trip finally aired. My favorite bit is when he tells a Dallas cop to keep two hands on the wheel because “you have a child in the golf cart.”

I will say that Ellen‘s producers could have pushed harder to help Noah make wiser food choices. He’s at the world capital of freaky fried fare, and he opts for the cheese pizza?

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Leading Off (10/31/14)

Last Day of Early Voting. Dallas County Republicans got off to a strong start, but Democrats are scrambling to close the gap. In the most closely watched county race, district attorney Craig Watkins has been outspent by GOP challenger Susan Hawk. If you care about the outcome, get to the polls.

Bentley to Reunite With Nina Pham. The former Ebola patient/nurse’s dog has tested negative for the virus, and will be returned to Pham on Saturday. He’s been kept in quarantine since Pham’s apartment was decontaminated by health officials.

Last Man Seen With Missing Woman Says He’s Being Harassed. Enrique Arochi made the rounds of the local newscasts to publicly state that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Christina Morris. Arochi was the last person spotted with Morris, who has not been seen since Labor Day weekend at the Shops at Legacy in Plano. He says he’s lost his job as a result of the police investigation into the case and that he’s being harassed by friends and family of Morris, who have been protesting outside his parents’ home.

Kissing Bugs in North Texas Carry Deadly Disease. Welcome to your new nightmare: “Little did she know then, she had just met a kissing bug. So named because it attacks exposed skin — sometimes near the mouth or eyes — while you’re sleeping. You may get swelling at the site of the bite, or you may not know what happened. But the kissing bug can carry something called Chagas disease, a potentially deadly condition, which attacks the heart. It may be decades before the damage is done. But much like mosquitoes and West Nile, not every kissing bug carries Chagas disease, sometimes called the ‘silent killer.'”

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Video: Cowboys Fan Doesn’t Take Monday’s Loss Very Well at All

As Tim wrote Tuesday morning after the Cowboys loss to the Redskins, there’s no reason to freak out about a 6-2 start to the season. But at least one Cowboys fan couldn’t control his emotions after Monday’s loss. Actually, he basically tore apart his entire apartment (including ripping a kitchen counter clean off the cabinets) in a display of pure fan anguish that is surely fueled by alcohol and, frankly, kind of depressing to watch. Imagine what this guy would have done after Game Six if he was as big a Rangers fan as he is a (drunken) Cowboys fan. Deadspin has the (language NSFW) video.

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Dallas Cowboys Are Still America’s Team, Twitter Finds

Just seeing this blog post from last week featuring this nifty interactive map of NFL fandom according to the number of followers of each team in a given area — admittedly an imperfect method, but just go with it. There’s no surprise that the Dallas Cowboys dominate in Texas, as well as New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

And if you look at this map of second-favorite teams you’ll find that the team has significant claims in Arizona, Louisiana, the Virginias and quite a few pockets of the Southeast:

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The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: Let Me Just Drop Everything and Respond to Your Libel

I was sitting in my jail cell the other day, plotting the next step in My Eternal and Sacred War Against All Things That Are Not Me, when the mail arrived. Aside from the usual newsletters from Anti-Racist Action and the Anarchist Black Cross, I also received an advance review copy of Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous, Gabriella Coleman’s long-anticipated volume on the Anonymous activist collective. I’ve known Professor Coleman for several years, during which we regularly encountered each other on the various chat servers from which much of Anonymous’ activity has been organized. She also spent several months as a sort of anthropologist-in-virtual-residence at the chat server used by my own group, Project PM, to coordinate investigations of state-corporate surveillance and propaganda operations. She and I were among a small handful of people who were regularly quoted in the press about Anonymous and related phenomena, and once even appeared on a network television panel together.

So I had reason to hope that her book’s representation of my work with Anonymous and Project PM would be more accurate than what one finds elsewhere.

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Leading Off (10/30/14)

DCVB Wants $300 Million To Spruce Up Convention Center. I see how this goes. First, Philip Jones says we’ll lose convention business if we don’t build a hotel. So we do. Great. Now he says we’re losing convention business because our ballrooms aren’t big enough. Next, he’ll say the convention center hotel isn’t quite right, so we’re going to lose convention business unless we spend a few hundred million. Then it’ll be the convention center again.

Cleburne’s City Servers Under Siege. Apparently, the DDOS attacks are in retaliation for the killing of a dog by a Cleburne police officer in August. A video of the shooting was released two weeks ago. The FBI is now involved in investigating the attacks on the servers.

Joseph Randle Is Chatty. Among many others things, while he was being booked into Frisco City Jail after being arrested for stealing cologne and underwear from a Dillard’s, Randle joked, “If I give you $100, will you give me a massage?

Frisco Will Finally Get Its First Luxury Hotel. Whew. I, for one, was wondering if it was ever going to happen. Omni is building it and it will be part of the development surrounding the Cowboys’ new headquarters and training facility.

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J.J. Barea Is Coming Back to the Mavs For Some Reason

The fan favorite from the 2011 title team was bought out of his contract by the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday. Today he signed with the Mavs for the veteran’s minimum. The Mavs will release Gal Mekel to make room for the — hahahahahaha — 6-foot Barea. (I am 6 feet tall, and I am at least two but more like three inches taller than Barea, at least based on the time I stood next to him after practice). I’m a little concerned the team is starting to get a little The Expendables in its roster construction, but honestly this is not a huge deal, probably.

ANYWAY, now the Mavs may try to finally roll out the all-point guard lineup I’ve long advocated for. And, in that scenario, fingers-crossed, they’ll play Barea at center.

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