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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 7

Hopefully you’ve still got some patriotic gas left in the tank after the Fourth of July and the U.S. women’s soccer team’s World Cup domination, because Team USA is back at it. This time it’s the men’s team, who take on Honduras tonight at Toyota Stadium in Frisco. I am not a soccer partisan, and have little to no idea what the CONCACAF Gold Cup is, but it sure sounds impressive.

The game is sold out, but should be broadcast on television at a living room or watering hole near you. I’m not sure what the tailgating situation is like out at the home of FC Dallas (again, the spreading soccer craze in America hasn’t quite made it to my house yet) but maybe you can cheer the squad from the parking lot. If that’s not your cup of tea, a traveling exhibition of American Indian art opens at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, and Shaun Martin, the Grammy-winning Dallas musician and producer, celebrates the release of his debut album with a show at The Prophet Bar.

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DMN Offers Buyouts to 167 Employees

Here’s the letter DMN editor Mike Wilson sent to staff yesterday. Takeaway: The paper is getting younger/cheaper/more digital-y in the newsroom. Which should shock no one.


Today the News is offering a buyout to 167 newsroom employees whose age and years of service total at least 60 years. All editorial areas, including Al Dia, NeighborsGo, FD, Briefing and, are included.

This is a voluntary program. Eligible employees […]

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Leading Off (7/7/2015)

Rangers designated hitter Prince Fielder is the only Ranger going to the 2015 All-Star Game. A few weeks ago I had to run 14 miles on the treadmill. During that time, I watched parts of The Fab Five and I Hate Christian Laettner, so I’m pretty much all about sports now. Anyway, back to baseball—Fielder will head to Cincinnati for the game which will happen on July 14. And he will go alone. Actually, I don’t know that. Maybe he will bring a loved one. But apparently, this is the first time the Rangers haven’t sent a pitcher to an All-Star game since 2009.

Construction on a super huge Facebook data center begins today in North Fort Worth. Everyone was very secretive about the whole project until Governor Abbott’s office finally confirmed what it was on Monday afternoon. The building will start out at 250,000 square feet and eventually triple in size. Tell your mom to take a break from posting all the inspirational slogans for a minute and freak her out with various theories about the need for all the data centers Facebook is building around the country.

Garden of Eden owners sue the City of Arlington and the Arlington Police. In 2013, a SWAT team executed a search warrant on a Kennedale commune in search of guns and drugs. Guess what they didn’t find? Guns or drugs. But eight people were handcuffed and detained, and they didn’t like it one bit. They say there was no probable cause, and five of them are seeking damages for mental anguish.

Former basketball star pleads guilty to manslaughter; gets probation. Jonathan Turner killed his friend and basketball rival, Troy Causey Jr., in a street fight over a video game. The whole thing is just sad and depressing. Anyway, if Turner stays out of trouble for the next seven years, he will avoid any formal conviction. His attorney says that he would like to go to school and maybe play basketball. Causey’s mother is understandably very unhappy about all of this.

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VIDEO: BYU Football Recruit Charles West Shot Outside Coppell Middle School

Yesterday Charles West, a former Coppell High School student who has signed to play football at Brigham Young University, was shot while playing basketball at Coppell Middle School East. He suffered a wound in his upper arm, was taken to Parkland Hospital, and released.

A FrontBurnervian passed along a video of the shooting, which you can see above. Didn’t know Coppell was such a dangerous place to be. In the footage, you can see West running from the assailant. Police arrested a suspect at about 1:30 p.m. today.

It’s the second time this year that West has gotten his name in the papers for activities unfortunately unrelated to sports. In January he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana during an incident in which he also allegedly solicited sex from a prostitute specializing in foot fetishism and S&M.

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DeAndre Jordan Signs With the Mavericks. Are They Contenders Now?

One of the prizes of this summer’s free agent class signed with the Mavericks on Friday, as I correctly predicted on a now-vanished episode of the EarBurner podcast. He joins Chandler Parsons and a rehabbing Wes Matthews in forming a new core for the franchise going forward. What are people saying about Dallas locking down maybe the biggest free agent in the team’s history? Some takes.

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The Canaries are Yelling in the City Hall Coal Mine

Elizabeth Findell has a story in the Dallas Morning News that is ostensibly about council members yelling at city staff members and a general loss of decorum at Dallas City Hall. Throughout the piece, various subjects offer their thoughts on why things have gotten testy down at city hall. Council member Sandy Greyson blames it on social media. Council member Lee Kleinman says many elected officials don’t have much experience as managers. The article ends with the suggestion that what has happened is a generational culture shift.

But you have to read between the lines of the article to get at the real story, which is not so much about manners in governance as it is about a city government whose very structure creates a contentious relationship between elected officials and city staff.

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Leading Off (7/6/2015)

North Texas Residents Were Really Determined To Blow Stuff Up Saturday. Dallas Fire-Rescue confiscated more than 1,000 pounds of illegal fireworks and put out 45 firework-related fires on July 4th. Meanwhile, a firefighter in Azle was injured in a blaze possibly started fireworks, as well. Luckily, no one here strapped a mortar to his or her head. That would just be completely nuts.

Rick Perry Went On an Independence Day Charm Offensive in New Hampshire. “The candidate had an almost theatrical, hyperactive zeal as he marched with two dozen or so supporters through the streets of Merrimack. He began the parade pantomiming drumming motions, in time with a local marching band several floats ahead. ‘Happy birthday, y’all,’ was his refrain along the parade route. In Perry-speak, women he’s never met before were greeted with a “Hey, girl.’ Men are ‘Hey, man’ and any plurality of voters was ‘Hey, gang!’ He greeted children with fist bumps and an exclamation of ‘Bam!'”

Mavs Sign Free-Agent Center DeAndre Jordan. Apparently, Chandler Parsons attached himself to Jordan’s hip to convince him to pick Dallas. Thanks, Chandler Parsons.

Fort Worth Teen Charged With Making Terroristic Threats. Nineteen-year-old Nicholas Amrine has been in custody since June, after a pastor at Convergence Church in Fort Worth notified police of posts on Amrine’s Facebook page, which apparently warned people not to attend an upcoming church event and shows him posing with a rifle. He threatened a mass shooting “like Columbine.” Amrine was placed in state hospital, but was formally arrested and charged last week.



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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: The Fourth of July 2015 Edition

Happy Fourth of July Eve. The Founding Fathers would probably be displeased to see that you’re spending the holiday reading a blog, so let’s make this quick. For America. Then you can go spark bottle rockets and chug corn dogs.

The definitive guide on where to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend is right over here. Right here is where to find the best fireworks in town. If you’d rather just skip the funny business and get right to drinking, here are some Fourth of July cocktails to knock back.

As for the rest of the things to do this weekend, keep reading.

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Leading Off (7/3/15)

Hood County Threatened With Gay-Marriage Lawsuit. Two men in Granbury want to exercise the right to which the Supreme Court last week affirmed they are entitled, but the men so far have been denied. They’ve now moved towards taking legal action against the county government for not issuing them a license. Meanwhile dueling rallies converged upon the courthouse Thursday to express their support for, or opposition to, the county clerk’s refusal to comply with the law.

UNT, TCU to Partner on Medical School. It’d be only the second program in Dallas-Fort Worth to confer M.D. degrees. Though neither university has confirmed the news, sources told the Fort Worth Business Press that the board of trustees for the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth is expected to vote on the plan Monday. UNT already operates the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine there, and the school’s previously announced intention to add a medical school has been opposed in the past by osteopaths. TCU would provide much of the funding that the state has so far declined to contribute to the effort.

Murder Rate Up in June. Dallas saw 20 homicides during the month — the most since August 2013 — and police don’t have a solid explanation for the uptick.

Interim DISD Chief Supports Teacher Evaluation System. Dallas teachers who had hoped the departure of district superintendent Mike Miles would spell the end of a controversial means of determining which classroom educators are getting the job done may be disappointed to hear Miles’ temporary replacement, Michael Hinojosa tell WFAA, “We need to support the teachers but also they need to realize these initiatives are going to move forward.”

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 2

When is it socially acceptable to start throwing back burgers and lighting up Roman candles in celebration of this great country of ours? I’m going with 5 pm today, although I will not judge anyone harshly for starting the Fourth of July celebrations before then.

There are a few anticipatory Independence Day events tonight to ease your journey into the holiday weekend, along with a rock show and a comedy event.

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Dallas-Fort Worth Has the Worst Income Inequality by Neighborhood in the U.S.

Governing reports on a new Urban Institute report that looks at how income inequality affects neighborhoods. In short, the report demonstrates that between 1990 and 2010, wealthier neighborhoods have become wealthier, while poorer neighborhoods have become poorer, further exaggerating levels of income inequality between neighborhoods across U.S. metro areas. And the region that leads the way in this trend towards increasing neighborhood income inequality is Dallas (or, more accurately, DFW). Via Governing:

The analysis examined inequality within commuting zones, or large regions of several counties that resemble metropolitan areas. Of all commuting zones with at least 250,000 residents, those with the largest neighborhood disparities were Dallas, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

The Dallas commuting zone, home to about 3.7 million residents, had the highest degree of neighborhood inequality of any area reviewed. The Urban Institute’s Rolf Pendall, who wrote the report, attributed this to the area’s extremely low average wages for poor communities, along with a regional education system that trails other parts of the country.

There are a few interesting takeaways from the study.

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