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Best of Big D: Nightlife Voting Kicks Off Today

Do you have your thumb on the pulse of Dallas’ nightlife? Are you the go-to connoisseur in your group of friends on the newest lounges and best dive bars? Let your fellow Dallasites in on the best the city has to offer after dark by putting your expertise to good use. This week, we’re asking you to name your nightlife favorites, from delicious cocktails and dog-friendly bars to karaoke spots. 

You can vote for your favorites once every 24 hours. Cast your votes using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

You may notice that we’ve switched things up a bit this year. Instead of voting for finalists, you have the option of writing in your nominees. For every category, tell us who you think is most deserving. For each category, the nominee with the largest number of submissions will be named the winner.

But keep this in mind: we’re only looking for locally-based entities. We want to celebrate the best of Dallas, so large, national chains (Starbucks, Chili’s, etc.) will not be considered. 

Throughout the next few weeks, you can vote for different categories. If you want to weigh in on the top restaurants, bars, and lawn care services, check out the schedule below.

Nightlife: May 2 – May 8

Food & Drink: May 9 – May 15

Services: May 16 – May 22

Vote for the best nightlife in Dallas here.

Leading Off (5/2/16)

Body Found on Central Expressway. All southbound lanes of Central were shut down last night after DPD responded to a fatality accident near Lemmon Avenue. Details are unclear but according to this, Sr. Cpl. Demarquis Black didn’t think the body was in a vehicle.

Stars Split First Two In Second Round. They fought back to tie the Blues in the third period yesterday, but a power play in the OT period took them down. Now it’s on to St. Louis, a phrase no one ever likes to say.

Another Attack in Oak Lawn. This one — a man out walking his dog early Saturday says he was called a gay slur and slammed to the ground — is the 17th since September.

11-Year-Old Kidnapped, Escapes During Attempted Rape. Corrine Allen Dunn, 34, allegedly lured the girl into his apartment. He was arrested Saturday afternoon. Good lord.

Plane Lands In Plano Backyard. A single-engine Mooney M20 was trying to land at the Air Park-Dallas airport, en route from Lubbock, when the pilot lost control. The pilot wasn’t hurt, and no one on the ground was either. I’m sure someone in the neighborhood got some good ‘grams out of it.

Cowboys Draft Players. One was Jaylon Smith, the Notre Dame linebacker who probably would have gone at the top of the draft if his knee wasn’t turned into pulled pork in his last college game, and who some think might not actually play again. There were also some others.

FC Dallas Has Another Road Disaster. When FCD has lost this season, and it’s not been often, it’s been ugly. But they’re still tied for first in the league, and Kellyn Acosta made the USMNT’s 40-man preliminary roster for Copa America.

Zac Crain Defends Dallas on Thrillist

When someone from NYC-based Thrillist asked me who should write an essay for them about how Dallas really is a cosmopolitan city, I said, “Man, that’s a really tall order. Striking the right tone, not coming across as defensive, having a sense of humor — there just aren’t too many people here who could pull that off.” Mark Lamster was my first thought. Since moving here from New York, that guy has fallen head over heels in love with Dallas. I was walking through downtown the other day and ran into him. We stopped and had a conversation on a sidewalk within eyesight of the Robert Jeffress Fountain. Lamster went on and on about how much he digs Dallas and how it’s so much better than New York. He was so effusive that I almost felt embarrassed for him.

Anyway, I figured Lamster was too busy to write the essay, so I suggested Zac. He did a fine job.

‘There Is a 100 Percent Chance Mark Cuban Becomes President’

That’s what Silicon Valley investor Chris Sacca, a former Google employee and sometimes co-star of Cuban’s on ABC’s Shark Tank, told CNBC this week:

Sacca noted that Cuban could be at least as successful as Trump were he were to campaign for leader of the free world.

“The minute you’re coined a billionaire in this country, everyone just takes everything you say as gospel. You can say no wrong,” Sacca said. “And that’s why we see Trump skating in. He says asinine things and everyone says ‘well, he’s a successful business guy.’ Cuban has all of that, but is not an idiot.”

So if we factor in a massive Trump flop this fall, and the Republican Party still trying to stitch itself together in the aftermath come 2020, then we’ll get two terms of Hillary Clinton.

Cuban 2024?

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: April 29-May 1

Reading is great. A library card and an imagination don’t cost you a thing. A book never runs out of batteries, or fills up with emails from work. You can read for pleasure or for your own edification. And you can do it all by yourself. Sometimes, though, it’s good to share your appreciation of books with others. Like when Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright (The Looming Tower, Going Clear) joins a number of other well-known authors for the Dallas Book Festival at the library downtown.

If you can’t read, then this won’t do you much good, but there are plenty of other things to do in Dallas this weekend as well: The Taco Libre Festival assembles some of the city’s finest taquerias, a new play runs down the DREAM Act, and life gets very scary at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

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Law Man Walking: Nature Treks With Bill Holston

Last weekend, Ben, Scott, and I headed down to the Trinity Forest. All of the rains have flooded much of the area, so we were restricted in where we went. We chose Lemmon Lake. Some of you have asked, Where is Lemmon Lake? The best way to access it is the lovely park off of River Oaks. Take Loop 12 off of I-45, exit onto 310, and then turn left on River Oaks. There is a huge parking lot. It’s a beautiful and underutilized public park. It’s filled with large Post Oaks, and there are nice picnic pavilions. We hardly ever see a soul there, which is too bad because it’s lovely.

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A Little Bit of Blackie Sherrod’s Greatness

As Jason noted this morning in Leading Off, legendary writer Blackie Sherrod passed away yesterday afternoon. I remember reading his “Scattershooting” column in the Morning News when I was a kid, and while that was great, it was only a little bit of what Sherrod did. For a little more, here is “A Legend In His Own Mind,” which not too long ago appeared on our list of the 40 Greatest Stories in D Magazine history.

Podcast: LeeAnne Locken of Real Housewives of Dallas on Her Carny Past and the Show’s Future

Despite all that Tim has written in each of of his episode recaps of the first three installments of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas, series star LeeAnne Locken was game to appear at the Old Monk on Thursday afternoon to chat about the show — and game enough for another cringe-inducing (for me anyway) game of iPhone roulette.

Before you listen to what turned out to be the second-longest episode in the illustrious history of EarBurner, please note:

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Leading Off (4/29/16)

Cowboys Select Ezekiel Elliott. With the fourth pick in this year’s NFL draft, Dallas took the Ohio State running back. Reviews of the decision are mixed, with some suggesting they should have gone with Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey instead. The Cowboys also tried — and failed — to trade up to get another first-round pick with which to select Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch as Tony Romo’s heir.

Dallas ISD Votes to Buy New Headquarters. The $46.5 million purchase was approved by board trustees in the earliest hour of Friday morning. The building, at 9400 N. Central Expressway, will consolidate the district’s headquarters and 15 other offices in one place. DISD anticipates the change will produce tens of millions of dollars in savings by 2021. Trustees were divided on the matter, which got the go-ahead on a 5-3 vote. Trustees Bernadette Nutall, Joyce Foreman, and Lew Blackburn opposed the purchase, expressing concerns about how it’s being funded and about the district headquarters moving six miles north of its current relatively central location. Some employees could be relocated to what’s being called the Dallas ISD Education by the end of the year, with the entire moving process taking about four years.

Blackie Sherrod, RIP. Sherrod, who died of natural causes at age 96 on Thursday afternoon, is being remembered as “the greatest Texas sportswriter of his generation.”

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Everything this Dallas Housewife Touches Turns to Instagram Followers

So, Jen Coleman isn’t exactly a housewife, and she doesn’t really live in Dallas, but none of the “real housewives” of Real Housewives fit that profile, so I stand by my decision to use those words.

Jen Coleman actually lives in this awesome Rowlett A-frame with her kindergartner and husband (who, by the way, is an easy-on-the-eyes fireman). And she seems to have cracked the code when it comes to being a mom and making a living.

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The Oak Cliff DISD Trustee Race Has Turned Ugly

Early voting has begun for the May 7 joint elections, which feature many ISD races. As I wrote about in my May column in D Magazine, this is an especially crucial vote for Dallas ISD, with four seats up for grabs. I point out that, contrary to popular opinion, the school board has overcome status quo efforts to maintain the status quo, putting in place important reforms that will help poor kids throughout the district. (Which, in turn, will help the city at large.)

Since I wrote that column about six weeks ago, one race has become awash in nastiness. Which happens, right? It’s local politics.

Except this time, that nastiness includes not just political operatives but also City Council members. In fact, the council members have become political operatives in these ISD races in ways that make me very queasy, in part because the folks doing this include people I admire and consider friends. Which means this is not going to be fun. Let’s do a little FAQ to get you caught up:

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Let’s Talk About How to Fix Dallas Schools

Next Tuesday evening here at D Magazine World Headquarters, we’re hosting a happy hour/panel discussion on education in North Texas: More specifically, the question of how schools can find, reward, and retain the best teachers. Eric Celeste will moderate a talk among Dallas ISD trustee Miguel Solis, Stacy Hodge of education advocacy nonprofit Stand For Children, and Todd Williams of overly-punctuated education nonprofit Commit!

If you’re interested in attending, mosey on over this way.

As for myself, I was too excited about the issues to wait all the way until next week. So I asked John Hill, who writes and podcasts about education in Dallas on his blog Turn and Talks, to have a little chat with me (via instant messages) to further whet my appetite. Hill is a former DISD teacher and is now teaching 10th-grade world history at his alma mater, Jesuit Dallas.

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Are the Stars Trying To Keep Blues Fans From Buying Tickets?

A friend of mine was buying tickets on Ticketmaster for the first game of the Stars-Blues series, and he noticed a warning right before he clicked “buy.” He sent it along:

*** VERY IMPORTANT !! *** Sales to the Dallas Stars 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs games at American Airlines Center will be restricted to residents of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Residency will be based on credit card billing address. Orders by residents outside of this area will be cancelled without notice and refunds given. This restriction does not apply to resale tickets.

Let’s say there’s a huge Blues fan who lives in St. Louis. He happens to be in Dallas tomorrow on a business trip. He can’t buy tickets to the game? How is that even legal?