Poll: What Does the Uptown Sam’s Club Say About City Government?

Late yesterday a judge decided not to issue a temporary injunction against the building of a Sam’s Club mega-big-box store at the intersection of Central Expressway and Carroll Avenue, near Cityplace. That means developer Trammel Crow could file for a building permit today if they wanted to.

The neighborhood association had argued that the city’s notice of what could be built on that site under the new zoning was insufficient, but the judge ruled that the city had followed the law (even as she was apparently sympathetic to how the neighbors’ complaints.)  A lawsuit is still likely, but it won’t block the Sam’s Club from going up in the meanwhile.

In the August issue of D Magazine, Eric Celeste writes that the case is indicative of how Dallas’ zoning system needs to be fixed. What do you think?

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Leading Off (7/29/14)

Gerald Britt Comes Out in Support of John Wiley Price. Pretty explosive op-ed from the vice president for public policy at CitySquare. As in: “Whites need to understand that you cannot shame us into turning on [John Wiley Price]. As a matter of fact, your hatred of him endears him to us all the more. For those of us who know him, we understand that in a real sense, a John Wiley Price is a creation of the white man’s hatred of black people — and if not his hatred, his timorous acceptance of the status quo. Without either, no John Wiley Price can exist.” As I understand it, then, because white people hate black people, Price used his political office to enrich himself (allegedly). Man, this thing is going to get ugly. Seems to me, no way can the trial take place in Dallas. “Jesus, justice, and John.

Company Moves to Allen. CVE Technology Group is bringing 1,200 jobs to town. Excellent. Except the story uses the word “metroplex,” lowercase. Deeply disappointing.

UNT Lands Great Collection of Photographs. Imagine four generations of a family all taking pictures of North Texas (and not the Metroplex). This is pretty cool.

20,000 Muslims Celebrate in Fair Park. Ramadan is over, meaning all our Muslim friends will stop being so cranky from fasting during the day, and yesterday was the first day of Eid al-Fitr. Big party (and lots of praying) in Fair Park.

NBA Players Do Not Pick Terdema Ussery. Looks like he’ll remain with the Mavs.

Cristiano Ronaldo! Gay men, rejoice!

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Another Example of Why Bernadette Nutall Is Awful

Over on LearningCurve on Friday, our friend Eric had some things to say about DISD trustee Bernadette Nutall that you might should read. Short version: “[S]he is vindictive, out of control, and does harm to the district. For someone who makes every issue about race, she somehow makes it harder for poor black children to get a good education because of the way she goes about her job as trustee.” I think it would be fair to say that Eric is not a fan.

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Feeling Sam’s Club Blues? Don’t Worry, There Are Some Developers Who Have Vision

Today is the second day of hearings in the East Village Association’s attempt to block that idiotic effort to build a Sam’s Club across Central Expressway from the West Village. If even thinking about that controversy, which we detail in the latest issue, sends you into the doldrums, well then spend a few minutes perusing some more uplifting development plans. These are the latest renderings from Scott Rohrman’s 42 Real Estate, which plans a sweeping renovation of the many Deep Ellum properties it has scooped-up in over the past few years. The designs look both sensitive to the historic neighborhood as it exists today as they carve out a few improvements. My favorite idea, the addition of an alley between Main and Elm Streets that will create a pedestrian corridor that will shorten the too-long blocks lengths that are there today. Wilonsky breaks down the plans in detail here.

The renderings were prepared as part of 42 Real Estate’s effort to get all of their holdings rolled into the Deep Ellum Tax Increment Financing District. If all goes according to plan, Rorhman expects the alley portion of the renderings to become reality within 18 months.

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Sources: Mavs CEO Terdema Ussery Finalist for NBA Players Union Job

Dallas Mavericks CEO Terdema Ussery is a finalist for the National Basketball Players Association executive director position, according to reports. Ussery is up against trial attorney Michele Roberts and Information Technology Industry Council CEO Dean Garfield. The players are expected to vote this afternoon.

The spot was vacated by Billy Hunter, who was fired in 2013.

Ussery was the subject of our July issue’s city column and a 2011 D CEO feature.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 28

You may remember Dogfight as the early 90s romantic drama that starred Lily Taylor and River Phoenix a couple of years before the latter actor’s untimely death. It was adapted into a musical in 2012 and was previewed at WaterTower Theatre in Addison over the weekend.

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Jim Schutze Was Right — Six Years Ago — About John Wiley Price

It is time to give Jim Schutze (aka Charles Schultz) his propers. In Sunday’s DMN, Steve Thompson wrote a story about the John Wiley Price indictment and the story it tells about the commissioner’s meddling with the inland port. Schutze wrote that story in 2008. Oh, maybe not that exact story. Though Schutze did mention the Perot family and how they might benefit from a stalled inland port, he didn’t ever use the word “Hillwood.” But, really, he had it. He said Price was running a shakedown, and he said it with the help of Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. She deserves credit, too. “I see all of these different deals that he’s trying to do over the years, shaking people down and all that kind of stuff,” she told Schutze. Go back and read it. It’s worth your time.

Something else interesting about that Schutze story: he mentions that State Senator Royce West played a role in Price’s scheme. Why is that interesting? Because it is. Just something to think about.

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Leading Off (7/28/14)

John Wiley Price Still at Work after Indictment. After corruption charges alleging Price accepted nearly $1 million in gifts, cars, stacks of $100 bills, etc., were filed Friday, the Dallas County commissioner headed back to work. He’s expected to do so today as well, and fellow commissioners believe he will show up at the Commissioner Court’s next meeting Aug. 5. Whether his influence can continue among calls for his resignation remains to be seen, but that’s not to say others aren’t firmly in his corner. Price attended Friendship West Baptist Church Sunday, for instance, where Rev. Frederick Haynes III voiced support for Price during the service and said he was excited to see him there.

Fort Worth Doctor Being Treated for Ebola in West Africa. Dr. Kent Brantly and his wife were in the middle of a two-year medical mission fellowship, caring for people who have contracted the Ebola virus, when the 33-year-old doctor contracted it himself. He’s being treated at a hospital in West Africa. This year’s outbreak is the biggest in history, and aid workers are notoriously at risk of infection. Another American aid worker has reportedly contracted it, and a prominent doctor from Liberia died over the weekend.

Fertilizer Companies Placing Blame on West Following Explosion. The companies allege that volunteer firefighters and first responders weren’t properly trained, and that insufficient protocols were in place for handling the fire that led to the explosion. The majority of the 15 who died were those responding to the call for help. At no time did responders retreat, even as the fire grew in size, and the companies also blame West for the city’s zoning, which allowed a nursing home and schools to exist near the plant. El Dorado Chemical Co. and CF Industries are now pushing for West to be designated a “responsible third party.”

Eric Nadel Honored at National Baseball Hall of Fame. Our Nancy Nichols was there to celebrate with the voice of the Texas Rangers because she’s about as cool as they come. Photos and details here. She also sent me a picture with Ernie Banks last night, so I’m about as jealous as they come. Mr. Cub?! Well done, Nichols. And, of course, Nadel, too.

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Eric Nadel Honored at National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

Eric Nadel the voice of the Texas Rangers for the past 35 years, was honored with the Ford C. Frick Award for excellence in broadcasting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place this afternoon at Doubleday Field. Nadel was joined on stage by Roger Angell, the winner of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s J.G. Taylor Spink Award. Joe Garagiola, winner of the 2014 Buck O’Neil Award, accepted his award by video.

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Eric Nadel Honored at National Baseball Hall of Fame Today

Eric Nadel, the voice of the Texas Rangers for the past 35 years, is in Cooperstown getting ready for his close up. This afternoon at 4:30PM EST, Nadel will be honored with the Ford C. Frick Award for excellence in broadcasting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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