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Making Dallas Even Better

Leading Off (10/1/15)

Susan Hawk to return to work today. Today´s the day that a lot of people have wondered about. Will Dallas County DA Susan Hawk be at her desk and ready to work? The past nine months have been troublesome for her and others—only time will tell if she regains her footing.

MACARTHUR high school bomb threat turns out to be hoax. Yesterday, Irving´s MacArthur High School was evacuated due to a bomb threat. After officers searched the building and came up empty-handed, they allowed the students to return. No word yet on who called in the threat. With the Ahmed saga, MacArthur High has had a month.

Police investigate possible kidnapping of teenage girl in Arlington. Yesterday evening, a teenage girl reported that men in a dark blue SUV had tried to kidnap her while she was jogging. Police are still investigating the whereabouts of these men.

National soccer hall of fame museum to come to frisco. The U.S. Soccer Federation and FC Dallas announced yesterday that Frisco will be home to the National Soccer Hall of Fame Museum by 2017. More details to come at a news conference on October 14. Soccer!

Would a Downtown Dallas Rangers Stadium Just Be Another Boondoggle?

Here’s one thing we learned yesterday: mixing sports with urban planning sure gets people’s attention. There was a huge response to my post that argued that slagging attendance at Globe Life Park in Arlington should push Dallas city officials to woo the team to a new downtown Dallas. Why? Well, because that’s the way baseball go.

The conversation in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter brought up a number of interesting points and counterpoints, and I wanted to touch on a few of them.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: September 30

In this September-closing edition of “Things To Do In Dallas Tonight,” we continue to besmirch a British psychedelic act that just won’t die, ponder the post-Bush Administration career of Condoleezza Rice, and recommend an MLK play showing upstairs at the Wyly. There is also some talk of fried cheeseburgers.

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Leading Off (9/30/15)

NCAA Comes Down Hard on SMU Basketball. The team is banned from post-season play this year, and coach Larry Brown will miss nine games. The program will also lose nine scholarships over three years. All this stems from a lengthy academic fraud investigation. It is the third college program Brown has led to what ESPN is calling an “unplanned March vacation.”

Susan Hawk Released from Treatment. The embattled Dallas County district attorney has been released from the facility where she was seeking treatment for what she called a “serious episode of depression.” She is expected to return to work tomorrow.

Father Arrested for Shooting Stepson. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but apparently a 59-year-old man shot his 30-year-old stepson during an argument in Haltom City.

Rangers Snap Three-Game Losing Streak. Cole Hamels allowed six runs, the most since joining the Rangers, but the team held on against Detroit to win 7-6. The “magic number” is down to four.

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: September 29

Tonight paleoanthropologist Lee Berger will be at the Perot Museum for his first public talk since he discovered the bones of a new human-like species (Homo naledi) in a South African cave. Tickets are most definitely sold out, but it’s a really cool story. If you did manage to snag tickets or have some plan to finagle your way into the hall or the live simulcast, you can look forward to a lecture from the explorer himself and a Q&A session with three scientists who helped recover the fossils.

Here are some other things to do that have not dramatically shaken up our scientific understanding of human ancestry, but still look kind of fun.

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Now Is the Time for Dallas to Pounce on a Rangers Relocation to Downtown

Tarrant County is getting nervous about losing the Texas Rangers.

Over the weekend, there was a story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about how the Rangers, who began the season in miserable shape, have turned in a remarkable second half of the season, running their way up the standings and currently sitting 1.5 games ahead of the Houston Astros in first place of the American League West. And yet despite the storybook season, the Rangers are pulling terrible attendance numbers. That doesn’t bode well for Arlington as the team mulls their options ahead of the expiration of their stadium lease in 2024:

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Why Is Deion Sanders Inviting Me To Go to Church in the Downtown Library?

Over the weekend, I got an email from Deion Sanders inviting me to church. The subject line of the email read: “You’re VIP | Sunday at Kingdom War Church | Downtown Dallas, TX.” The content of the email was a crazy GeoCities mishmash of images of Deion at church, invitations to join him, and, well, other stuff. After studying this email for three hours, I have been able to determine the following:

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Leading Off (9/29/15)

All Ahmed All the Time! Now he’s going to Qatar.

SMU Golf, Basketball Teams Learn About possible NCAA Sanctions Today. Pony up!

DMN Editorial Writer Doesn’t Like expensive stuff. Tod Robberson doesn’t like the high prices that Whole Foods charges. Also, he doesn’t like Whole Foods’ parking spots that are reserved for electric vehicles. And he doesn’t like that Whole Foods chooses to locate its stores where the company thinks they will have the best chance of succeeding. Tod Robberson is indignant. Presumably, he will next assail Neiman Marcus, Lululemon, and Apple, all retailers whose business model — charging a premium for high-end goods — deeply offends him.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: September 28

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Did you have fun seeing what’s new at the State Fair of Texas? Did you enjoy your visit to the fair burg of Denton and the Oaktopia Music Festival? Did you watch the Cowboys lose Sunday, have a mopey walk around the neighborhood, stay up to watch the lunar eclipse, then stay up even later to catch up on this Mr. Robot show everybody’s been telling you about until you realize it’s nearly 3:30 in the morning and Monday is going to be a long day?

Whatever you did with your weekend, it’s time to focus on tonight. See what’s shaking in the early days of the fair, enjoy some Shakespeare at the Wyly, or see a Northern Irish rock band shake the walls at Club Dada. Or look at the moon again — It’s supposed to be pretty impressive tonight as well. Or watch this Mr. Robot show everybody may or may not have been telling you about. I’ll vouch for it.

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A Police Officer Explains Why Many Are Frustrated with DPD Management

My column for the November issue of D Magazine (on your newsstands in four short weeks) deals with the concerns of Dallas police officers. In said story, I say that the largest police organization, the Dallas Police Association, is wrong to buy into the silly narrative that there is a “war on cops.” I say they are absolutely right, however, to blame the administration for poor police response times. For days, I’ve been sent pictures of 3rd-shift details at large police substations that show only five or six officers available to handle calls from 3 p.m. to midnight.

This, I argue, is the issue that people care about. This is the concern supported by the data. This is why cops aren’t showing up for hours. And this is the concern that at least partially led to the behind-the-scenes meeting at City Hall last week, where Chief David Brown’s tenure was discussed.

In the column, I quote from a letter written by police officer Louis Mills.

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Max Anderson Out as Director of the Dallas Museum Art

UPDATE (11:34 a.m.): The DMA has issued a release confirming Anderson’s departure. You can find it at the bottom of the post.

Multiple sources say this morning that Maxwell Anderson is stepping down as director of the Dallas Museum of Art. On the museum chief’s personal website, his CV has been updated to show that he is the Director of Grant Programs of the New Cities Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is said to “shape a better urban future for all by fostering urban innovation and entrepreneurship.” Anderson sits on the board of the New Cities Foundation and brought the organization to Dallas for a summit in 2014. Also on his online CV, Anderson’s directorship of the DMA is listed under “previous positions.” Anderson’s house on Wilderness Court in Far North Dallas is listed for sale on Trulia, and sources say that an emergency board meeting has been called today.

I have a call into the DMA to confirm and am waiting for their response.

If Anderson has resigned, it comes amid a long string of prominent resignations at the museum.

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