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Making Dallas Even Better

Finally! Your New Dallas Flag

It took a while, but we finally got there.

Last week, I smartened up and decided to let my fellow Dallas citizens help pick a new city flag for all of us to rally around, because that has traditionally been the role of a city flag. But the choices weren’t quite good enough. “We need Pegasus!” people scream-typed to me. I’m hard-headed sometimes (a lot of times) so it took a while (too long) to get through to me.

But you did, and I spent all weekend in the lab. And I think this both honors the past 30 years, as well as the long tradition of city flags.

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Question for the Group: What Should We Call Our Podcast?

Looks like Zac and I will attempt a podcast. Without getting too heavy into the details, it’ll be kinda like FrontBurner (actual Dallas-related content mixed with time-wasting foolishness). About six years ago, a fellow named Adam McGill and I attempted something like this. We called it FrontBurner For Your Ears. A woman named Charity Beaver was once a guest. But I digress. We did the thing without buying any equipment, using instead a free service called Blog Talk Radio, which relies on telephones to record sound. The audio quality was not top notch (to say nothing of the content). This time we’ve invested some money. We’ve got microphones. And even a microphone stand.

So I throw it to you, dear content consumer. What should we call this thing? Keep the name FrontBurner For Your Ears? Something snappier? Anything in particular you’re interested in hearing?