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Making Dallas Even Better

Report: D Magazine Is a Generally Excellent Magazine

The finalists for the City and Regional Magazine Awards for calendar-year 2015 have been named. Please pardon us while we take this opportunity to brag about our team here at D HQ.

D Magazine is up for the biggest prize of the competition — General Excellence — against publications of a similar circulation size as ours. We’re facing off against Cincinnati, Indianapolis Monthly, Portland Monthly, and Seattle Met. Tough competition.

Eric Celeste is a finalist for his column on civic issues. More specifically, we entered his work on the lack of trust between the community and its cops, his profile of Wylie H. Dallas, and his look at political consultant Mari Woodlief for consideration.

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Programming Note: Talking Urbanization and Gentrification With DW Gibson Tonight at The Wild Detectives

One of the better books about urbanism to come out in recent years is DW Gibson’s new The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the Twenty-First Century. In it, Gibson uses the stories of a cross section of New Yorkers — Brooklynites, mostly — to get at a broad picture of the workings of gentrification, arguing that rather than being a “myth”, gentrification is a very real, if an extremely complicated and nuanced phenomenon. Here’s one of my favorite passages:

Gentrification is often saddled with an us vs. them framework, with “us” and “them”redefined ad infinitum — no two people ever talking about the exact same thing when it comes down to what “we” want and what “they” are doing wrong. Most of the time this idiosyncratic bifurcation is . . . about class: wealthy vs. poor with everyone on either side of a centerline. But the contradictory spaces [we] live in obliterate that clear line. As Neil Smith puts it in The New Urban Frontier, “Many people occupy ‘contradictory class’ positions; the source of contradiction . . . might involve anything from the occupation of an individual, in the level of class struggle in a given period. Classes are always in the process of constitution.”

You might think I’m pulling this quote to tee-up a revisiting of some of the issues swirling around new development in Oak Cliff.

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Question for the Group: What Should We Call Our Podcast?

Looks like Zac and I will attempt a podcast. Without getting too heavy into the details, it’ll be kinda like FrontBurner (actual Dallas-related content mixed with time-wasting foolishness). About six years ago, a fellow named Adam McGill and I attempted something like this. We called it FrontBurner For Your Ears. A woman named Charity Beaver was once a guest. But I digress. We did the thing without buying any equipment, using instead a free service called Blog Talk Radio, which relies on telephones to record sound. The audio quality was not top notch (to say nothing of the content). This time we’ve invested some money. We’ve got microphones. And even a microphone stand.

So I throw it to you, dear content consumer. What should we call this thing? Keep the name FrontBurner For Your Ears? Something snappier? Anything in particular you’re interested in hearing?

Does Mike Rawlings Know He’s the Mayor of Dallas, Not Dallas-Fort Worth?

As Mike Rawlings told the Dallas Morning News editorial board recently, he’s “a numbers guy.” So anchoring all the puffery in his new mayor’s letter was one solid factoid: “According to a recent Forbes study, Dallas is now the fourth fastest-growing city in the country.” Wait, what? I mean, without even checking, I instinctively knew that wasn’t true, not by a long shot. What was this claim doing here? I had to get to the bottom of this.

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D Magazine Staff Writer Michael J. Mooney Is a Very Popular Writer, Part 2,136

Ahhh December. Time for egg nog, racist uncles, and Best Of lists. You may remember my colleague Michael J.Mooney’s “How Not to Get Away With Murder,” from our December issue. Well, it turns out that was the third most-popular story on Longform this year, trailing only stories about Radio Shack and serial killers.

The story WAS NOT however, selected as one of the 10 best stories of the year by Longform’s editors. (Have to keep him humble.) Better luck next year, Michael.

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Folio Honors D Magazine Visionaries

Folio is a magazine industry publication, and next month it’s recognizing what’s called the Folio: 100, media’s “most innovative entrepreneurs and market shaker-uppers.” If you peruse the list of honorees, you’ll see folks from many top national titles and brands, largely big-shots out of New York City.

Scroll on down to the group categorized as “Visionaries” though, and right there at the top you’ll find our own D Magazine Partners president Christine Allison and chairman/editor in chief Wick Allison.

All of us who are lucky enough to work here recognize what a unique company this is. Christine and Wick aren’t afraid to take chances and to give any promising idea a shot. They’re always looking for a new angle on this business and early on recognized the need to transform what was once a single-title paper-and-ink business into a still-expanding digital enterprise.

I asked Christine what this means to her:

“It’s an honor, to be sure, but we couldn’t do what we do in any other city. To be acknowledged nationally is a big nod to Dallas and our incredible staff.”

D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: The Starck Club’s Prince of Ecstasy

I couldn’t help thinking back to an ancient regret of my own when reading the story of Rodney Kitchens, a man who literally brought Ecstasy to the legendary Starck Club at its mid-’80s hedonistic heights. The article, which first appeared in the October 1989 issue of D Magazine, is the first of the 40 greatest stories in our print product’s history that we’ll be highlighting over the coming months. Read the whole thing here. Our excuse for revisiting the past is the 40th anniversary of the first issue of D, an event we’ll officially celebrate this fall.

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D Custom to Produce Dallas Regional Chamber Publications

The folks up on the 22nd floor of our building shared some good news today:

Integrated content marketing agency D Custom announced today its exclusive publishing partnership with the Dallas Regional Chamber.

D Custom will produce the Dallas Regional Chamber’s four publications: the Economic Development Guide, the Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Review, the Dallas Relocation & Newcomer Guide and the Dallas Regional Chamber Membership Guide. The publications will be available in print as well as online in an interactive, digital format.

“There is a huge opportunity in our partnership with the Dallas Regional Chamber,” says Gordon Price Locke, president of D Custom. “As we re-launch these publications in print and online, we will be able to use the latest in web optimization science to broaden our reach and build an incredible experience for readers and advertisers.”

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Saucy Pictures of Jennifer Nicole Lee at the W Hotel Pool

See here. I did not know who Jennifer Nicole Lee was until I read part of her Wikipedia page. And I took no joy in looking at pictures of her in a tiny bikini at the W Hotel pool. But she’s a celebrity and this happened locally and so it’s my duty to bring you this […]

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Applications for D Academy Are Due Monday

Last year, we started something really great at D. It’s called D Academy. It’s a leadership program for smart, passionate people who give a damn about Dallas. We meet once a month in various venues around the city. We bring in speakers who are pertinent to that day’s topic. And then we take all this […]

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Leading Off (5/21/2013)

Devastating Tornado in Oklahoma: Another horrific tragedy. There are dozens dead, a lot of them children who were taking cover in the hallway of an elementary school. Thousands more are left homeless, their possessions in shambles. And while the death and destruction will eventually be quantified and ranked historically, the grief and suffering is immeasurable. […]

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