In Other News: Judge Hearing Arguments In Sam’s Club Injunction

On July 14, Judge Emily Tobolowsky granted a temporary restraining order to the East Village Homeowners Association, blocking Walmart from moving ahead with its planned Sam’s Club in the Cityplace area. She’s hearing arguments on the case this morning. If you want some context as to why all this is important, Eric Celeste has a column on the situation hitting newsstands right now.

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Leading Off (7/25/14)

34th Person in Dallas County Exonerated by DNA Evidence. Michael Phillips served 12 years in prison for raping a 16-year-old girl in 1990. He didn’t do it. Good thing his wasn’t a death penalty case.

American Airlines Posts Record Profits. $864 million in the second quarter. Eight months ago the carrier was in bankruptcy. What a country!

Park Cities to Get AT&T Ultra-High-Speed Internet First.  The company hasn’t specified which Dallas-area neighborhoods will be able to get broadband speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second by the end of the summer. But they did say the initial launch would come in areas already served by AT&T U-verse, starting with parts of Highland Park and University Park and soon after that areas of Dallas,  Allen, Fairview, Irving, and McKinney. One gig per second allows you to download an HD movie in just 36 seconds. What a country!

Amon Carter Museum Pays $1M For Painting. It’s a picture of peaches and grapes. What a country!

Collin County Commissioner Warns of “Illegal Immigrant Tsunami.” He makes it sound as deadly as a sharknado. Mark Reid introduced a resolution to the commissioners’ court’s upcoming agenda that would discourage the federal government from using Collin County to house any of the migrant children who have spurred the recent crisis on the border. Reid is concerned about the spread of “various communicable diseases” from the kids, despite having no evidence to support his claims. What a country!

DISD HR Executive Makes $140K a Year. This story is actually about how a Dallas ISD investigator who was put on leave last week (without being told why) was investigating his boss for having lied on her district job application. But I got hung up on how much that boss gets paid. What a country!  (Kids, don’t go into journalism.)

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Leading Off (7/24/14)

A.C. Gonzalez Explains Why City Repaid More Than $810,000 To HUD, Kind Of. I don’t know, does this make any sense? “He stressed that the funds are not lost, but rather put back into the city’s line of credit for other HUD projects. Though general fund dollars were used to pay back the Project Reconnect money, the groups that ultimately use the funds are typically on the hook for the expenses, he said.”

Chandler Parsons to Bro Out Like Crazy Once He Gets To Dallas. According to this.

Steve Blow Has a Strong Take On Border Situation. Maybe? I mean, I really can’t tell. He’s sort of all over the road. But I can relay the following: there are a lot of paragraphs.

Rangers Trade Joakim Soria. Haven’t really been paying attention, but I gather Soria was the team’s closer. Anyway, since there’s no hope for the team this year, I think they should start having fun with it. Give Evan Grant a few at-bats. Bring back some legends and let them play a little. Raffle off an appearance in the pitching rotation. Whatever.

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A.H. Belo Sells Providence Journal

News came yesterday that A.H. Belo, the Morning News’ parent company, has sold the Providence Journal for $46 million. Belo will retain the paper’s HQ building and some other real estate, seeking to sell those assets in a separate deal. The managing editor of the Boston Business Journal analyzes the deal from the buyer’s viewpoint (New Media Investment Group). Here’s my analysis from the seller’s viewpoint: good. Belo has now shed its distractions and is free to focus solely on its operations in North Texas (which include the Denton Record-Chronicle). It appears to have gotten a good price for the ProJo. Its stock price ticked up ever so slightly this morning. Everything looks good. (Except for the front-page story this morning in the News about Mike Miles’ contract extension. Anyone who cared about that story learned about the development when they woke up yesterday.)

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D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: Are There Any Decent Men in Dallas?

You might also consider this post an early plug for our 10 Most Eligible Men in Dallas contest, which will begin in the middle of next month. Sarah Hepola’s funny, thoughtful piece about her adventures in dating men she met online appeared in the February 2013 issue of D Magazine, and it is one of the 40 greatest stories we’ve ever published.

Spoiler Alert: Sarah hasn’t found her Mr. Right by the end of the article, so I asked her how things have been going in that realm since. She replied:

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Leading Off (7/23/2014)

Brad had tickets to the Jay Z-Beyonce show last night. So he asked me to fill in for him this morning.

Plano Man Arrested for $56,000 In Unpaid Tolls. What’s 50 grand to Robert Walter Dupree? Can you please remind me? According to the NTTA, it’s more than 2,110 passes through a toll station without paying. First they had to find him. He was arrested for failing to use his signal in The Colony. No word on how hard he may have bawled.

Migrant Children Not Showing Up to Immigration Hearings. If you grew up with holes in your Zapatos, you’d be celebrating the minute you thought those days were behind you. Which might explain why 18 of the 20 children whose cases were scheduled yesterday in federal court missed their hearings. It’s also possible the children never received proper notice. What kinds of facts are those?

Plano Thanks Residents for Conserving Water…with Water. Calling it a “water holiday” is kind of a beautiful lie. Apparently it was mostly “stale” water the city needed to get rid of anyway. And only lawns with odd-numbered addresses got the extra watering. The other residents are finding that keeping all that green grass pretty hurts. But, as someone once said, perfection is a disease of a nation.

Cowboys Legend Dies. Robert Newhouse, Jr. played 12 seasons with the Cowboys, all in the Landry era. He was irreplaceable as a blocker for Tony Dorsett, but he was also the first running back to throw a touchdown in a Super Bowl. He died yesterday, after a long battle with heart disease. He was 64.

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Leading Off (7/22/14)

Mike Miles Gets Contract Extension. DISD trustees met for more than nine hours before deciding early this morning to give their superintendent a two-year extension. Miles won’t get a raise, but he could earn $200,000 if he meets certain goals. Also, he’ll get to do eight days of outside consulting, but he’ll have to take vacation to do it. All in all, seems like a fair deal. But nine hours? That’s the biggest indication of what’s broken with the system.

Architects Come Out Against Trinity Toll Road. Huge op-ed in the paper today against the Trinity toll road. HUGE. It is signed by Betsy del Monte, Tip Housewright, and Bryce Weigand, all fellows of the American Institute of Architects. It carries the support of Myriam E. Camargo, Duncan Fulton III, Larry Good, Robert Meckfessel, Marcel Quimby, Craig Reynolds, and Dennis Stacy. They suggest we do two things: “First, abandon the Trinity Tollway as a poorly located, inappropriate measure from earlier times. Second, move ahead with the repairs necessary to keep I-345 safe and usable for the next few years, and no more.”

Will Lancaster Road Be Renamed for Nelson Mandela? That’s what Councilman Dwaine Caraway wants to do. Great idea. It has my full support. One minor tweak, though: instead of Nelson Mandela, let’s call it Riverview Road.

Cops Need Your Help. Early on the morning of July 16, several men dropped 16-year-old Eric Romero at Baylor. He had a gunshot wound to the head and did not survive. See if you can help.

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Morning News Says Mike Rawlings Should Run Again Because Mary Suhm

The DMN ran an editorial over the weekend that said Mike Rawlings should run for another term. My take: Sure, why not? He can’t build a coalition on the council, but he is onboard with school reform. I’m for the latter more than the former.

The paper’s reasons Mayor Mike should run again? (Other than because he’s “a salesman with a soul,” of course.)

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The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: There Was a Bad Mutha Who Lived in an SHU

In the last edition of this column, I noted that the powers that be here at the Seagoville Correctional Institution had seen fit to place me in the SHU, also known as “the hole,” without actually accusing me of any particular infraction punishable by time in the hole. Three weeks later, I’m still sitting in what I like to think of as jail-jail, waiting for the internal prison security agency known as SIS to charge me with something or let me go or beat me with a stick or whatever it is that they do here. Incidentally, I’m unclear as to what “SIS” stands for, but I do feel obligated to point out, just for the record, that it’s just one letter shy of ISIS. I’m just saying, is all.

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Leading Off (7/18/14)

Dallas ISD Investigator Placed on Leave. Jeremy Liebbe managed the Professional Standards Office, a investigative unit of the school district’s human resources department. He recently led the probe into the sports recruiting scandal that led to the firing of 15 employees and had previously made a name for himself as a DISD police officer by uncovering the “cheese” heroin epidemic. On Thursday he was placed on paid leave and escorted out of his office by district police. The district declined to comment on the reason for the move but did say it’s unrelated to the recruiting scandal.

Ellis County Judge Paid For Work She Didn’t Do. The state of Texas pays county judges — whose primary responsibility is presiding the commissioners court that oversees county government — an extra $15,000 a year if they devote 40 percent of their job to judicial cases. Carol Bush filed a request for that payment for the last couple years even though she didn’t hear any cases. The money, more than $22,000, has been repaid, but Bush is under investigation to determine if she committed any crimes.

Mortuary Gives Woman Wrong Ashes. It’s the same place in Fort Worth where, on Tuesday, eight bodies were found after the mortuary’s operators had been evicted. Michelle Jones-McElhanon told Fox 4 that her mother, who died three months ago, was supposed to have been cremated but was instead among the bodies found. Jones-McElhanon had already been given what was supposed to have been her mother’s ashes.

Enjoy the Cool Weather. Yesterday the temperature only got up to 79. That was a record-low high for the day. Today’s forecast calls for a high of 83. It is July 18. So much for global warming, amiright?

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Dallas Weather Forecast: DUCK!

Nothing much happening in downtown Dallas right now, except for a bunch of clouds. But — holy hell — up north in Denton and Cooke counties today’s heavy rains have already arrived and it sounds like chaos, with highways shut down and roads flooded.

WFAA says we’re going to several rounds of rain through tomorrow. So a downpour is coming your way later today, if it hasn’t reached you already.

Be careful out there.

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