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Explosion Levels Lewisville House

WFAA and NBC5 are live. First reactions online: Half mile away from Lewisville explosion, felt it go right thru my body. Scary. – Steve hartzfeld (@shart50) January 11, 2013   Trucks, trucks and more trucks. Gotta say, I’m glad the explosion was close to the fire station. #OldTown #Lewisville twitter.com/rachelinlife/s… – Rachel Rushing (@rachelinlife) January 11, […]

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Yes, This Flu Season Is Worse Than Usual

Or at least earlier than usual. The map above was created by Google.org’s Flu Trends initiative, a non-profit wing of the very much for-profit Google. It tracks search terms which it deems good indicators of flu activity, then uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity. As you can see, the flu is peaking right now, […]

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Hundreds of People Are Trying to Unload Their Personal Seat Licenses at Cowboys Stadium, Including One For the Low, Low Price of $200,000

Prompted by this New York Post story today about unhappy Jets fans selling off their personal seat licenses, I headed to SeasonTicketRights.com to see what the scene was like at Cowboys Stadium. The result: lots of people, trying to sell lots of seats. Like this one: Amenities – Best sightlines in the stadium – Roomier, […]

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The Cowboys’ Jumbotron Is 18 Times the Size of the Vikings’ Puny, Hummingbird-Sized ‘Jumbo’tron

The Cowboys currently boast the largest Jumbotron in the NFL, a behemoth that literally can affect the way a game is played. In its grandeur, graphic artist Daniel Beaton saw an opportunity to showcase the boards of the NFL, from the Cowboys all the way down to the Vikings. The above graphic is for comparison’s sake; […]

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D Magazine’s Holiday Spotify Playlist Melts Your Christmas Candy, and Your Faces

We’ve seen a bunch of news organizations, locally and nationally, putting together their annual Christmas playlists recently. They were great! Bing Crosby, Wham!, more stuff you’ve likely wanted to off yourselves to while counting down the hours til you can leave Aunt Sally’s. So Peter, Zac, Mosley, and I put our sad, Christmas-hating heads together […]

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Now YOU Can Own George W. Bush’s Pickup

A pickup former President George W. Bush used on his Crawford ranch will be auctioned off to benefit Fisher House Foundation, a program dedicated to assisting U.S. military families. Let’s go straight to the announcement: “President Bush has used this stunning white F-150 at his Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas, since shortly after he […]

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It Was Not A Fever Dream. You Did See the Wienermobile in Dallas Yesterday.

My mother always said the best press releases include the subject line: “WIENERMOBILE VISITS DALLAS AREA THIS WEEK.” I thought it was a strange maxim as a child, pushed it into the back of my head, and forgot about it for 20 years. Yesterday, it bounded back into my consciousness. I found the Wienermobile at […]

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Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett Didn’t Know Josh Brent Was Going to Be on the Sidelines Yesterday

Around 5 p.m. yesterday, I got a text from Mooney. Edited for content: “Josh Brent is on the [humping] sideline right now.” We were both confused, I think, and I responded with: “Saw that. So strange.” Turns out Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett were order viagra in the same boat. From the Morning News: Several […]

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Someone Is Trying to Rename Klyde Warren Park ‘Barack Obama Park’

Carol just directed my attention to possibly the loneliest Facebook page in the history of Facebook pages, the one dedicated to renaming Klyde Warren Park ‘Barack Obama Park.” As of this morning, it had one “like.” The main thrust behind the page: “Who @KlydeWarrenPark was responsible for the decision to name ‘a central gathering space […]

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Did Glenn Beck Just Endorse Gay Marriage?

Maybe. In a discussion with libertarian/magician Penn Jillette, Westlake resident Glenn Beck said: “Let me take the pro-gay marriage people and the religious people – I believe that there is a connecting dot there that nobody is looking at, and that’s the Constitution…The question is not whether gay people should be married or not. The question […]

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