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New Fair Park Proposal Argues State Fair Sprawl Is Bad for Business

There have been a few new plans for Fair Park batted around since the effort began to consider moving the management of the city facility to a private non-profit organization. This latest one comes from a Dallas-based urban planning firm called Ash + Lime, and it makes a simple, but compelling argument. Yes, the State Fair of Texas is too big, the Ash+Lime study contends, but the people who should be most upset about the sprawling fair that gobbles up the park aren’t park or neighborhood advocates, but rather the State Fair itself. That’s because the size and layout of the State Fair is actually leaving money on the table.

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Bottle Rocket Taps London for First International Office

Bottle Rocket has expanded its footprint to London, which will serve as the home to its third office next to Dallas and New York.

London is the first international location the company is tapping out of a slew of other opportunities it’s considering including Germany, Amsterdam and Paris. The London team, based out of the office of WPP, the company that acquired Bottle Rocket in 2013, will spend some of their time determining what parts of Europe and Asia make sense for expansion.

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Poll: Is 2016 the Year the Texas Rangers Win It All?

Last fall, impressed by the Texas Rangers’ unexpected run to the Major League Baseball playoffs, we declared that year’s team (only half-kidding) the greatest in franchise history. I typed the piece and based the argument on how the club had so spectacularly overachieved both expectations and their underlying performance statistics to wind up atop the American League West standings.

Did we jump the gun? How far can the 2016 team go?

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Global Security Veterans Launch Cyber Advisory Firm Zyston

A group of veterans in security and information technology have teamed up to launch a Dallas cyber security service firm.

Zyston LLC, a security advisory firm founded in May, boasts an executive team that includes the former chief information security officer at Fujitsu, Johnathan Steenland; the former national leader of PwC’s Cyber Breach Response, Remediation and Investigation Practice and and former global CISO at Textron, Richard Dorough; and the former president of brand protection firm Authentix, Craig Stamm.

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Leading Off (6/28/16)

Rangers Win Weird Game Against Yankees. The game in New York didn’t end till nearly 2 a.m. our time, because the umpires called for a questionable rain delay in the ninth inning, right as the Rangers were poised to make their comeback. When play resumed, the Rangers finished the job. Read Evan Grant’s account of the craziness. Poor guy is gonna be sleepy today.

Wild Weather Moves Through Town. How’d you like that, folks? Part of an Uptown garage collapsed. A billboard fell through a woman’s car. All sorts of craziness went down yesterday evening as a line of storms moved through town. “This is the only place where the weather can actually kill you,” Justin Kane, who recently moved here from Philly, told Channel 11. “On the East Coast, you may get some snow. The weather is bad here, it’s crazy.”

Ahmed Mohamed Returns to Irving. The clock boy, whose family moved to Qatar after he was arrested under kooky circumstances at MacArthur High, has returned to America [insert eagle screech] for the summer. He’s looking good.

Job Opening at D Magazine: Editorial Research Coordinator

D Magazine seeks a smart editorial research coordinator to join our staff and help us put out one of the best magazines in the country. The ideal candidate must be able to work independently and manage multiple data-driven projects simultaneously. The ideal candidate would be a pleasure to eat lunch with, and, additionally, the ideal candidate would be the sort of person who remembers to pick up whatever he or she just printed and not just leave it on the printer, contributing to the ridiculous stack of unclaimed print jobs that wastes paper. The ideal candidate would never say, “Hot enough for ya?” The ideal candidate would not have a criminal record or a code name like The Muffin Man that was given to him or her by the FBI during the course of an investigation. The ideal candidate would know that “data” is a plural subject.

Please note: this job is not the right fit for someone whose goal is to write and edit longform magazine stories. This job is about gathering and managing survey data.

The ideal candidate should send a great cover letter and résumé to Kathy Wise ([email protected]). Here are some specifics to help you decide if you are that candidate:

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Mike Hashimoto Loses Argument to His Wife

Yesterday DMN columnists Jacquielynn Floyd and Mike Hashimoto squared off on the front page of Metro. She argued that Susan Hawk should resign in time for a special election for DA to appear on the November ballot. He argued: “At some point, [Hawk] might need help making that decision, whichever way. Sooner than before, perhaps, but not yet,” whatever that means. I think it means that Hawk deserves to keep her job. This columnar face-off is a lot more fun, by the way, if you know that Floyd and Hashimoto are married. They are. And she destroyed her husband in this argument. Really, I feel bad for the guy. No one deserves to be publicly humiliated like this. To give you an idea of how poorly he performed, here’s how Hashimoto wraps up his column:

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Leading Off (6/27/16)

Man Drowns in Lewisville Lake During Boat Party. About 30 people were on the two-story boat. The man, 35, disappeared underwater around 8:30 Saturday night. He was found yesterday afternoon. And on Sunday, one boy (age 9) died and another (a 2-year-old) is in critical condition after being pulled from the water in separate locations in Fort Worth. I feel like I type this every week: please be careful.

Northaven Methodist Church Votes to Permit Celebration of All Marriages. By a 98 percent margin. Good job. Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriages.

Rangers Have Most Wins in the Majors. The Cubs still have a slight lead in winning percentage, but Your Texas Rangers have the most W’s after a 6-2 win over the Red Sox finished off yet another series win. Guys, I’m paying attention to baseball and it’s not even July. I don’t even know what’s going on.

Richardson Bar Sued For Not Cutting Off Man’s 8-Hour Drinking Binge. Gordon Savage says he started drinking at W.W. Fairfield’s at 6 p.m., kept at it past 2 a.m., then tried to drive home. He hit a concrete divider on 75 around 3. Savage wasn’t charged with drunken driving but he’s suing the bar for $1 million anyway.

Pete Sessions Says Democrats Should Be Investigated for Ethics Violations During Sit-In. The congressman said this on Inside Texas Politics. I think he should investigated for not being able to tie a tie better than me, someone who wears a tie maybe twice a year. He should also be investigated for having neg burns. It’s a very suspect look and makes me feel like he’s up to something.

FC Dallas Wins to Kick Off Second Half of the Season. The 2-0 home win over Real Salt Lake puts FCD just one point down of the Colorado Rapids in both the Western Conference and the race for the Supporters’ Shield. Two things: 1) the second goal was one of the prettiest you’ll see all season, with a Mauro Diaz bicycle pass (!) to Fabian Castillo, who finished it off perfectly, and 2) when Diaz is on, he might be the best player in the MLS.

Tech Wildcatters Eliminates Two Executive Positions

Tech Wildcatters has made some big changes to its executive leadership team, eliminating the jobs formerly held by Executive Director Molly Cain and Chief Revenue Officer Clarisa Lindenmeyer.

The cuts came after a meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday as Tech Wildcatters continues its growth strategy under its new merit-based funding model, The Gauntlet.

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As the globe struggles to understand how a people who build the Jaguar could be so stupid as to leave the EU, there are those closer to home, inspired by Britain’s bold embrace of illogic, who would like to see Texas follow suit. They’ve come up with the hashtag #Texit. I tried to make some jokes on Twitter about #Dallexit and #DalWorthingtonGardexit, but user Rodney H. found the winner. You already know what it is.

People of North Texas, unite! We are tired of all these people moving here! From California and Oklahoma, yes. But also from Houston and Austin and Wichita Falls, too. We don’t need any of them. It is time for a #Metroplexit.

Podcast: The Future of DART Rail Through Downtown Dallas

The July issue of D Magazine (on newsstands now, but not yet available online) includes a story about the future of DART light-rail through downtown Dallas. This week’s podcast guest was our own Peter Simek, who typed that story. He chatted with Tim and Zac about the options for the future of the public transportation system, the lawsuit State Sen. Royce West filed against Dallas Cowboys player Dez Bryant, and Galveston, for some reason.

First a few notes and corrections before you dial up the show in your iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher:

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Leading Off (6/24/16)

GRAND JURY CLEARS MCKINNEY OFFICER INVOLVED IN POOL PARTY INCIDENT, TEEN PLANS TO SUE. A Collin County grand jury on Thursday cleared McKinney police officer Cpl. Eric Casebolt of criminal charges relating to his involvement in breaking up a pool party last June, which garnered national attention. The interaction was captured in a seven-minute video that shows Casebolt slamming a teenage girl to the ground and drawing his gun on two other teens who tried to help her. There was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges against Casebolt, a 10-year veteran of the department. Given the verdict, the 16-year-old girl and her family plan to file civil rights and personal injury suits Monday.

SUPREME COURT IMMIGRATION DEADLOCK LEAVES DALLAS FAMILIES IN LIMBO. The Supreme Court’s 4-4 split leaves the families of Texas’ 1.5 million undocumented immigrants with uncertainty. The plan would have shielded millions from deportation. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton believes the ruling is a victory for those who believe in the separations of powers.

MAVS TAKE A.J. HAMMONS IN DRAFT. The Dallas Mavericks drafted Purdue’s A.J. Hammons on Thursday in the second round. The 7-foot center was the 46th overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft. The Mavs are hopeful for what Hammons, “a first-round talent,” could bring to the team.

7 MEN CHARGED WITH INDECENT EXPOSURE, PUBLIC LEWDNESS IN PUBLIC PARK. Between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday, Fort Worth police arrested seven men on charges of indecent exposure and public lewdness. The arrests were made in Gateway Park, and police haven’t clarified if the offenses are related. The men range in age from 22 to 66. Maybe it was the result of an Old School-inspired rush challenge. I don’t know how these things work. In the meantime, here’s a peek at their mugshots.

SOUTHBOUND I-35E LANES THROUGH DOWNTOWN ARE CLOSING FOR 12 HOURS. As part of the Dallas Horseshoe Project, all southbound lanes of I-35E that pass through Downtown Dallas will be closed from 10 p.m. Friday through 10 a.m. Saturday. The exit to eastbound I-30 is part of the shutdown; however, the westbound exit will stay open. Only time will tell if we, as a city, can survive this shutdown.