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The Lesson South Oak Cliff High Just Taught All DISD Students

Yes, there’s a story about it on the front page of today’s metro section. Sure, the incident was widely covered on local TV stations. But I’m not quite sure it has sunk in yet just what a potentially city-changing event has been unfolding over the past couple of months in South Oak Cliff.

It began with the sad fact that South Oak Cliff High School is in terrible shape. Students describe falling ceiling tiles, leaky classrooms, malfunctioning HVAC, decrepit locker rooms, and empty library shelves. The district set aside $13 million to address some of these issues in the upcoming $1.6 billion bond program, but that’s a drop in the bucket when compared with the $40 million it is estimated to take to make South Oak Cliff High School look like, you know, a real school. So the students walked out. Last December, 250 of them demonstrated in front of their school demanding that the district figure out how to provide a place where they can learn that doesn’t communicate to them on a daily basis that they have already been written-off by the world.

And the district responded.

Now trustees plan to double the amount of money they will spend on fixing South Oak Cliff High School to $25 million. It’s still short of the $40 million the school needs, but that’s a huge concession. Students staged a collective action, and they forced the hand of the district, which will now double the amount of money it will spend on fixing South Oak Cliff High School.

I believe that’s major, and here’s why.

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Leading Off (2/5/16)

Johnny Manziel Allegedly Assaulted Ex-Girlfriend. WFAA broke the news late Thursday afternoon that Fort Worth Police are investigating a complaint that the former Texas A&M and soon-to-be-former Cleveland Browns quarterback beat up Colleen Crowley on Jan. 30 after arguing with her at his Hotel ZaZa room in Uptown. According to the report, he forced her into a car and drove her to her apartment in Fort Worth. Once there, Crowley says she became fearful for her life and banged on a neighbor’s door asking for help. However, after police arrived, Crowley was uncooperative and refused to make a report. Manziel has told TMZ the incident didn’t happen. Manziel is expected to be released by the Browns in March, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has expressed interest in acquiring him as a backup for Tony Romo. It’s unknown whether this alleged incident will have an effect on that, or prompt disciplinary action by the NFL. However, as Dale Hansen noted when he went “unplugged” on the 10 p.m. newscast last night, the signing of Greg Hardy last year demonstrated the Cowboys are a team “that doesn’t care if you beat up women. It is a team that believes in as many chances as you need, as long as they think there’s a chance you can play.”

Students to Vote on Dropping Confederate Name. Dallas ISD’s John B. Hood Middle School in Pleasant Grove is named for a Southern general of the Civil War. Recently students raised concerns about honoring someone who fought to protect the institution of slavery, especially considering that Hood’s student body is majority Latino and African-American. So the principal is allowing the kids to cast ballots during lunch today. (It’s a non-binding referendum, since the school district’s board of trustees will have the ultimate say.)

Driver Pulls Gun on Biker. It happened outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, but a viral video of the road rage incident was all over North Texas newscasts because the fellow who was packing is from — you guessed it — Irving.

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Leading Off (1/28/16)

Southwest airlines pilots to picket at Love Field. This is set to occur next Wednesday, and it will be the first informational picket ever to take place at this Dallas airport. The pilots are not happy that after four years of negotiations for a new contract, when profits have been high, they still don’t have one. First, both the pilot union and airline will meet with federal mediators on February 2 in hopes of reaching a compromise.

Charter school in southern dallas approved. Yesterday, Dallas City Council members approved a controversial new charter school, K-12 Uplift Education. There were protests by DISD folks who say the growing number of southern Dallas charter schools is taking both resources and kids away from the school district. The vote to approve was a narrow 7-6.

SNL‘s Lorne Michaels will speak at Bush Center. On February 27, Lorne Michaels, creator of Saturday Night Live, will be at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, along with the former president and first lady. The evening will center on the show’s longstanding comedic portrayal of the presidency, as it’s become famous for.

Road rage incident leads to fatal shooting of Fort Worth woman. This happened in Arlington. 26-year-old Brittany Daniel was fatally shot yesterday evening while driving east on I-30. A man who was sitting in the back of another car shot her, said a passenger to police, who are still looking for the suspect.

A.C. Maceo High School Aims to Go Viral Again With ‘Good to Be Alive’

Last year, students at A.C. Maceo New Tech High School in Oak Cliff created their own version of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” that went viral, garnering national attention and (as of now) more than 13 million views. Their performance soon inspired local copycats, including a Dallas Museum of Art video that had Mayor Mike Rawlings in hair curlers.

Over the weekend, teacher Scot Pankey posted Maceo’s new effort: a lip sync rendition of Andy Grammer’s “Good to Be Alive.” So far: about 4,000 views.

(H/T NBC 5)

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Can President Obama Get SMU Into the NCAA March Madness Tournament?

No. No, he can’t. But that hasn’t stopped enthusiastic SMU basketball fans from filing a petition with the White House calling for the Mustangs to be allowed to participate in the NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament.

SMU’s team is undefeated this season and ranked 8th in the country, so they would be a shoe-in to be selected to participate in the tournament. Only thing is, the school was banned last fall from postseason play for academic fraud and ethical misconduct.

The White House has a policy stating that it must respond to any petition that collects at least 100,000 signatures. Right now the SMU effort still needs more than 97,000.

But, again, there’s nothing Obama is going to be able to do for the Ponies. Feel free to post in the comments below about how this situation would be different if we had an effective leader like Vladimir Putin in the Oval Office.

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Leading Off (1/15/16)

DISD Could Save Millions Consolidating Offices. Dallas school trustees were told Thursday that there’s big savings to be gained by bringing together under one roof operations now scattered among two dozen buildings. Three options for doing so were discussed, with the Nolan Estes Plaza site on Beckley Avenue looking like the most feasible. The cost of the proposed project would be $71.1 million, but the district stands to save $5 million-$7 million per year with the changes.

Truck Driver Killed in Train Collision. None of the 44 Amtrak passengers who were involved suffered serious injuries, but the man at the wheel of a rock hauler that was on the tracks by Scyene Road near Mesquite Metro Airport died Thursday afternoon.

Plano Mom Sued Over Loud Kids. Kelly Counts set up a playhouse for her four children in her backyard, only to have a neighboring couple file a lawsuit claiming that the noisy kids have upset their tranquil way of life. The neighbors are demanding that the playhouse be removed and have begun playing loud music with raunchy lyrics to drown out the sounds from next door. In response, the Counts family has filed its own lawsuit to stop the less-than-family-friendly tunes.

Dallas Income Gap Growing. A new study by the Brookings Institution has found that the income disparity ratio between the 95th percentile ($220,000 per year) and the 20th percentile ($18,000) in Dallas is 12.2 (by this measure, then, the rich earn more than 12 times what the working poor do). That’s the 17th-greatest gap among cities in the country. It’s also a greater difference than is found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a whole, where the 95th percentile is only $174,000 while the 20th percentile earns about $21,000. That’s a ratio of 8.3. Nationwide, incomes among poorer households remain 13 percent lower than they were prior to the 2007-2009 recession. These numbers further justify the concerns Mayor Mike Rawlings expressed to Bloomberg this week.

Leading Off (1/14/16)

Powerball winners in California, Florida, and Tennessee. Sad news for everyone who bought tickets—for the biggest jackpot in world lottery history—in Texas. The winning ticket in California was sold at a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills. Better luck next time, Dallas.

Charter school vote delayed. Yesterday, Dallas City Council members decided to wait another two weeks before voting on whether to approve a new charter school in southern Dallas. Some are concerned that it would take funding and students away from DISD.

$2.4 million granted to redevelop Southwest Center Mall. The City Council did make a decision yesterday, however, and that is to give $2.4 million to aid in the revamping of Southwest Center Mall in the city’s Red Bird neighborhood. Mall owner Peter Brodsky will need to spend $15 million on the mall’s facelift by 2019.

CEO of North Texas Commission moving to H-E-B and Central Market. Mabrie Jackson, president and CEO of the North Texas Commission, will make the switch to North Texas public affairs and community outreach for H-E-B and Central Market on March 1. Perhaps H-E-B is ready to open stores in the Dallas area.

Now Is the Time for Mike Morath To Steal the Wu-Tang Album, Prove He’s for the Children

Martin Shkreli was arrested today. For those who don’t understand the significance of this development, allow me to explain. Shkreli was the rich guy who paid $2 million in an auction for the sole copy of the Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Mike Morath is a man of means and, as we know from D Magazine’s profile of him, a huge Wu-Tang fan. I called for his resignation in light of the fact that he did not buy the album, which, as a DISD trustee, he could have played at board meetings, thereby drawing celebrities to Dallas who would have no other way of hearing one of the 31 tracks on Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. To his credit, Morath did resign. He rather quickly landed another job, as the commissioner of the Texas Education Agency. In the meantime, we learned that the contract Shkreli had signed when he bought Once Upon a Time in Shaolin contained a proviso that allows either the Wu-Tang Clan and/or actor Bill Murray to steal back the album in a “caper” or “heist,” which opened the door for Morath to redeem himself.

Are you following?

It’s really quite simple. Now that Shkreli is in custody, the album will be easy to steal. The TEA has an annual budget of about $26 billion. I’m not suggesting that Morath use all of that money to hire Bill Murray and plan the caper to steal back Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. That would be silly. By my calculations, $500 million should do it. That’s only about 2 percent of his budget. It’s like a rounding error. No one will ever notice.

Once again, I call on Mike Morath to do the right thing and prove that he is for the children.

UPDATE (12:03) It’s possible that the feds will attempt to seize Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. I urge Morth to take action quickly.

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Dallas Trustee Mike Morath Named TEA Commissioner

The Quorum Report has the scoop: Gov. Abbot has named District 2 DISD trustee Mike Morath to become the state education commissioner in 2016. (He was one of five candidates for the job.) He’ll have to resign his seat, and they’ll need to add District 2 to the May election. (In addition to the three seats already up.)

Who will run for his seat? I hear that longtime D2 education advocate Dustin Marshall will file tomorrow.

Please place your popcorn orders accordingly.

UPDATE: Here’s the press release.

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How Mike Morath Can Redeem Himself, Keep DISD Trustee Seat

Yesterday I called for DISD trustee Mike Morath to step down because he failed to pay $2 million for the sole copy of the Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Morath has so far not responded publicly to my challenge. Today I offer a way for Morath to demonstrate real leadership and show that he is for the children.

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Pre-K, Money, and the Future of School Reform

Last week, the DISD board met to discuss policies, procurements, and whatever else tickled their fancy, like they do with great tedium every month, twice a month. If you read this story about last Thursday’s DISD board briefing, you probably think you missed a rather routine discussion of a disagreement between some trustees and the administration about how to best fund the district’s pre-K needs.

That’s true and false. It’s true that the story gives a good summary of a discussion. But it wasn’t routine. What actually happened: A seemingly predictable discussion – technically, a first read of a proposed pre-K policy – disguised what was really at stake: the entire future of DISD’s reform efforts as we have come to know them.

If you think I’m being hyperbolic, allow me to re-raise: Given the battle lines being drawn on the board and within the administration itself, we will look back on the next two month’s discussion over this proposed policy as the moment that determines whether meaningful reform that closes student achievement gaps will continue in DISD.

Let’s examine why this debate is so crucial in light of what was said last week — and what those words really mean.

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Leading Off (12/4/15)

Grapevine Erects Massive Bronze Unicorn. The statue, unveiled last night, sits atop the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau. It’s a winged unicorn as well, a sure sign that this piece of public art is intended as a challenge to the supremacy of Dallas’ iconic Pegasus. Obviously Phillip Jones and the Dallas CVB must prepare a counterstrike. Perhaps an armada of demonic Pegasi perched on every building in the central business district?

Board Discusses Pre-K For All DISD Students. Dallas ISD trustees generally agree that it’d be nice to provide classes for all 3- and 4-year-olds in the district, but uncertainty exists about how the proposal, which would be phased in through 2025, would be funded.

Petition Calls For Mandatory Recess. DISD trustees discussed the notion of requiring elementary schools to give a recess period to students each day. Though the whole matter kind of seemed like an excuse for trustee Miguel Solis to brag about his days as top dog on the playground. “It raised my ego because I was the best kid at playing tag,” he said. “I got my first kiss.”

Signatures Forged to Allow Aldredge House Weddings. Neighbors of the popular (and somewhat contentious) Swiss Avenue venue are claiming that their names were forged on city documents granting permission for large tents to be erected on the property. Dallas requires that anytime someone wants to put up a tent bigger than 400 square feet, every property owner within 100 feet has to agree to it. It’s unclear who’s responsible for the forgeries.

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Leading Off (12/3/15)

Ahmad family’s home burglarized soon after moving to Dallas. Having moved here from Afghanistan weeks ago, the Ahmad family finally felt safe from the Taliban. Their sense of safety was short-lived, however, as their northeast Dallas apartment was broken into Tuesday and their savings stolen, among other things. The father, Mukhtar Ahmad, had worked in Afghanistan as a security guard and translator for the U.S. Army. It took them two years to get a special visa to move to the U.S. DFW International Community Alliance is asking for donations to help the Ahmad family.

Middle School student held over social media threat wanted to expand follower base. Earlier this week, a girl posted a photo of a gun-toting man on Instagram because she wanted more followers. The photo was accompanied by a threat against T.W. Browne Middle School, where the girl went to school. She faces a third-degree felony charge of a terror threat and, if convicted, could face up to 10 years in prison. Is it just me, or does this not seem like the best way to gain Insta-fame.

Woman arrested in Oak Cliff bank robberies. Remember the four Oak Cliff bank robberies that happened in October and November? 48-year-old Glenda Hendrix was arrested Tuesday by police and the FBI for the robberies. She is now waiting for federal authorities to take her to her arraignment. I think that does it as far as crime for today.