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Even More of Our Readers’ #HiddenDallas Secrets

By now I hope you’re aware that we’re running a little contest related to the Hidden Dallas cover story in the February issue of D Magazine. Share your own secrets of the city on social media with the hashtag #HiddenDallas until Feb. 28, and we’ll select the best to win a $200 gift certificate to Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens.

So get to it. In the meanwhile, here’s another sampling of what we’ve received so far.

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Share Your #HiddenDallas Secrets, Win a Fabulous Prize

The cover story of the February issue of D Magazine is “Hidden Dallas.” It was painful for our staff to publicly share this compilation of their favorite secret spots, special deals, off-menu meals, and insider know-how with our readers. When more people know, for example, how you can dine at Lucia (which is usually booked up weeks […]

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Ask John Neely Bryan: Let Us Give Thanks For ‘Dallitude’

I am of two minds about the forthcoming holiday. On the one hand, it was that lousy crook Abe Lincoln — father of the federal income tax, a progressive income tax — who instituted the Day of Thanks Giving as a late November national mandate instead of letting each state handle its own business like the Good Lord and the Founders intended. Maybe Texans don’t like being limited to a single Thanksgiving each year. Maybe we’d rather not do it in the fall. Maybe we’d prefer it on some Sunday morning in May when we might celebrate with a light brunch. The federal jackboots force turkey and gravy and stuffing and cranberry sauce down our gullets and call it freedom? No sir. Not on my watch. Not until I’ve at least been given the option of a mimosa with a small plate of cantaloupe on the side.

On the other hand: pumpkin pie. It’s what the Creator himself eats for dessert.

Now to the business at hand.

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SideDish Dustup Gets Nod From Romenesko

If you haven’t been over to SideDish recently and if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, check out this post that Nancy put up Friday. Short version: DMN food critic Leslie Brenner and her crew went to Proof + Pantry to do a review. She was recognized, and the owners — who are not fans of the DMN‘s star rating system — refused to let Brenner pay for her meal in an attempt to create a conflict of interest that would prevent her from writing a review. In the comments to the post, Jim Schutze dives in, calling the restaurant’s owners “unsophisticated hicks.” Brenner’s husband chimes in. As does Brenner herself. And, somewhat oddly, the DMN‘s classical music critic, Scott Cantrell. It’s a lively discussion. And Romenesko included it in his morning report today, which was nice. So, by all means, dig in.

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What It Feels Like When You Shutter a Furr’s Fresh Buffet

Perhaps you heard about the Furr’s thing. There was a Furr’s Fresh Buffet off LBJ and S. Hampton. It closed. Councilman Dwaine Caraway is not happy about that. He said:

“That Furr’s was doing mega-business. Mega-business. And it closed out of nowhere. People showed up for work and didn’t know it was closed. And you know I am not happy about it. I am shocked, unhappy and disappointed. I am real ticked about it. We participate and patronized it, and overnight it’s taken away from us. It’s like giving a kid a special computer game for Christmas, and all of the sudden he comes home and it’s taken away from him.”

I feel his pain — but in a slightly different way. Depending on the season and my mood, when a Furr’s closes …

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Vote For the Best Food and Drink in Dallas Beginning Monday, March 18

Round two of this year’s Best of Big D Readers’ Choice voting gets started on Monday. This time we’re asking for your favorite spots for dining and imbibing in North Texas. As before, you’ll be able to vote once per day on your desktop, laptop, or mobile internet-connected device. Unfortunately, we no longer support ballots […]

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Two Truck Drivers Risked Their Lives For Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies This Morning

From the Morning News’ Scoop Blog: No injuries were reported, but fans of snack food were in for a scare overnight after an 18-wheeler carrying thousands of Little Debbie snack cakes caught fire on Interstate 35E near the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Two men were driving the truck from Arkansas to San Antonio when the […]

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George W. Bush Library Director Attempts to Draw Crowd by Promising Free Chicken Pot Pies

This is really too good to mess with, so: Highland Park Cafeteria will host the Director of the new George W. Bush Presidential Library, Alan C. Lowe, who will give an exciting visual presentation to all Highland Park Cafeteria diners on Sunday, January 13 at 5 p.m. in the main dining room. This event will […]

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The 10 Most Popular D Magazine Blog Posts of 2012

Can you imagine where you’d be today without blogs? Sure, you might be 5 or 10% more productive at work, but then the world would have been denied that brilliant double entendre you got into a comment on the latest FrontBurner post about the will-they-or-won’t-they, passive-aggressive fight between the Nasher Sculpture Center and Museum Tower. […]

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Denton Considers Smoking Ban

Back in September, the Denton City Council sent its proposed smoking ban to committee, eliciting the opinions and remarks of 20 health-care professionals, business owners and other community members. The goal was to craft laws that were both health-conscious and business-friendly. What they came back with was a strange package that bans smoking nearly everywhere, […]

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