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Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs, a Gay Couple, Can’t Be the Fathers of Their Own Children

There’s a story making the rounds about a Dallas couple, Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs. Adorable couple. Let me see if I can explain what’s giving them trouble. Hanna and Riggs got hitched in D.C., where gay marriages are legal. They came back to Dallas. They wanted kids. Why they would want to screw up their lives by 1) getting married and 2) having kids is a discussion for another post. I’m going to focus on the logistics. They find an egg donor. They find a surrogate mother, who in April bears them twins, Lucas and Ethan. And — this is the wild part — each of the men is a biological father to one of the babies, meaning, I gather, that two embryos were implanted. It makes my head spin.

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Leading Off (5/27/14)

Plano Bar Makes Domestic Violence Joke, Pays the Price. I’ve never been to Scruffy Duffies, but it sounds like they need an in-house editor for their chalkboard signs. Over the weekend, one of them read: “I like my beer like I like my violence — domestic.” You swap “violence” with “policy,” and I think we’ve got a joke everyone can enjoy. As it was written, though, the joke was about as offensive as you can get, and social media have taken the bar to task.

Author of Home-Rule Law Wonders If It Will Work in Dallas. In 1995, Texas Sen. Bill Ratliff wrote the state law that allows school districts to create home-rule charters. Now living in Mount Pleasant, he’s been watching as that law is being put to the test here for the first time. The News has an interesting Q&A with him.

Local Man Helps Local Geese. For more than a decade Charles Fussell has looked after the geese at White Rock Lake, using his own money to feed them and telling people that throwing bread to the animals is bad for them. Now you can help Fussell.

Primary Runoffs Are Today. Here’s your voter guide.

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Last Night, Sir Richard Branson Joined The Love Field Debate, Drank Tequila, and Talked to Us

On Monday night, Sir Richard Branson dropped into town to address the latest front on the airline war, Virgin America vs. EveryoneElseThatWantsThoseGatesAtLoveField. The airline hosted a party at The Rustic in Uptown Three of us—me, Cristina Daglas, and Glenn Hunter—attended. Each of our individual thoughts follow. One common thread between all of our thoughts: tequila. There was a lot of tequila.

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Controversy for Karl Lagerfeld over Chanel Headdresses in Dallas?

We’ve been down this road before. Victoria’s Secret sends a model down the runway in a headdress. Outrage, apologies, revisions to the national telecast. H&M sells hipster headdress. Outrage, apologies, items removed. Nicole Richie wears headdress, posts photo on Instagram. Outrage. Karl Lagerfeld sends models down the runway in headdresses for the finale of Chanel’s Metiers d’Art fashion show in Dallas Tuesday night. Cue outrage? Not really. In Dallas itself, not only has there been no outrage, but there’s also been little to no discussion. FD Luxe’s recap didn’t mention them, nothing from Paper City either, and we did but didn’t delve too deep. Nationally, there’s been buzz. Huffington PostNew York, etc. Were we all just too grateful that the fashion show of fashion shows had graced our fair city with its presence? I sure hope not.

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SAGA Pod 1.6: Is Downtown Dallas Segregated?

Jim Schutze and I try to figure out why you should care about the HUD-Dallas stories. Bottom line: it’s because the city has been taking federal money to end segregation, and apparently/allegedly/maybe been using that money to promote segregation, at least downtown. We discuss what this means, if Mary Suhm should get any blame (I get a little yell-y at this point,) and whether this would make a better column than the one I planned to write about DISD. Also: We debut a segment with a good friend of mine who has long suggested he would be a fantastic addition to the pod.


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Did You Know There Was Going To Be a ‘State-Sponsored Nuclear Attack’ on Super Bowl XLV?

I didn’t, but then I came across The Nuclear Bible, David Chase Taylor’s free eBook. It came out a few years ago, prior to Super Bowl XLV at AT&T Stadium. Like most things like this, it is sort of impossible to follow. It’s a big cache of stories and documents and suppositions and shaky connections that adds up to … something? It points to a false-flag attack (OBVIOUSLY) and it’s perhaps appealing to you if 1) you hate President Obama, 2) you hate the government in general, and/or 3) you are terrified of being a human person living in the United States of America. Or, you naturally assume that Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy is not fiction, but the work of a time traveler who has come back to warn us of North America’s impending doom and also to make a gang of money in book sales and film options.

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It Has Come To This: Complaining About the Paint Job of the X Marking Where JFK Was Shot

Ace reporter Rodger Jones from the scene, where the X the city removed the day before Friday’s 50th anniversary commemoration has now returned: It’s a relatively crude, hand-painted job, and it looks like tires moving over the wet paint made a series of faded Xs downstream of the one. … Previous X’s have consisted of white reflective […]

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Ebook About Chris Kyle and Satan, American Sniper in Hell, Disappears from

The day after Chris Kyle was killed in February, a short ebook appeared on It was called American Sniper in Hell, and the author was listed as “Lou Cipher.” The premise, according to the description, had something to do with the just-slain sniper meeting Satan in Hell. I only know about this ebook because […]

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Tempers Flare, Obscenities Hurled at Anti-Obamacare Rally

Contrary to the views of the political and media elites—see anchorman Will McAvoy’s telling diatribe on The Newsroom—I’ve always thought tea partiers were pretty much common-sense folks tired of seeing the national debt run up. So it’s disappointing when their ilk live up to the angry-and-out-of-control stereotype. Apparently that’s what happened at last night’s “Defund […]

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