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Leading Off (5/26/15)

It Has Stopped Raining — For Now. Even USA Today is writing about the rain and the swollen Trinity River. And a DeSoto boy and his dog were found dead in a storm drain. Today looks to be dry, but more rain is on its way tonight.

Man Firebombs Uptown Dickey’s. Seems a panhandler didn’t like being told to move along and sought revenge on the barbecue joint.

Amber Alert for 9-Year-Old Benbrook Girl. Police are looking for Jessie Nicholas Williams, 24, of Arlington. He is suspected of kidnapping of his niece Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams.

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Founding Doctor of Forest Park Medical Center Indicted for Healthcare Fraud

Dr. Richard Toussaint, an anesthesiologist, was very busy in 2009 — except he wasn’t. The DOJ has accused him of “falsely claiming that he was present for and personally participating in the procedures.” In the process, he racked up $5 million in bogus charges. For more, check out Matt Goodman’s story just posted on D Healthcare Daily.

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Read Dick Reavis’ Story About the Bandidos

With the biker shootings in Waco, Skip Hollandsworth’s 2007 Texas Monthly story about the Bandidos is getting its second wind. But that magazine actually published a meatier Bandidos story nearly 30 years earlier. It was written by a fellow named Dick Reavis. Dick was a longtime Texas writer before he took a job as a professor at NC State. He’s back in Dallas now, and he has a story in our June issue that you can look forward to. For his 1979 TexMo story about the Bandidos, Dick rode with the gang for a few weeks. That tale, having been told before the digital age, wasn’t online — until today. It’s titled “Never Love a Bandido.” Recommended reading.

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Fort Worth Weekly Launches Bar Column With Familiar Name

This started a few weeks ago. I’m just now catching on. But the Fort Worth Weekly has a newish bar column titled A Girl Walks Into a Bar. Faithful D Magazine readers will recall that we published a column with the same title, from 2010 to 2013. It was written by Moira Muldoon, my cousin. Prior to that, Moira wrote a bar column for the Austin American-Statesman using that title. When she moved to Dallas, she asked her AAS editor if she could bring the title with her. Moira is now back in Austin and working on a book with that title. (When she left, we renamed our bar column Keeping Tabs, which is ably written by Tara Nieuwesteeg.)

All of which is to say: come on, FWeekly. You’re better than that.

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Who Will Be the Next Managing Editor of the Morning News?

My guess is that Stephen Buckley will get the gig. Check out his bona fides. Duke, Washington Post reporter, Tampa Bay Times world editor, managing editor, publisher of its website. Now at Poynter. DMN editor Mike Wilson told the staff that Buckley will be the first one interviewed to replace George Rodrigue; he’s coming in next week. Wilson knows Buckley because he worked for him in Tampa. Wilson told the newsroom staff at the DMN that about a dozen people have applied for the job and that all the applicants are on equal footing. But with zero precincts reporting, FrontBurner is calling the election now. Welcome to Dallas, Stephen Buckley.

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Leading Off (5/19/15)

UT Southwestern Given $36 Million Gift. Edith and Peter O’Donnell Jr.’s foundation gave the money to create a new brain institute. That’s good news. Because there are some people on the City Council who could use one. [rimshot!] A brain. They could use a brain. Was that joke not clear?

Two Losing Dallas City Council Candidates Allege Tomfoolery. Subrina Brenham and Eric Williams filed the election challenge in District 8. Here’s my favorite sentence from the DMN story: “[Williams] said he ‘absolutely’ believes voting machines may have been rigged.” I love that kind of certainty about a possibility. Similarly, I am definitely sure that Williams could possibly maybe win this challenge.

Trinity River Crests at 38 Feet. Yesterday it hit its greatest depth and started receding. NBC Channel 5 has some good video from its chopper. You can dork out on the USGS site that monitors river flow in real time. And, of course, there is more rain on the way.

Allen ISD Gets $2.5 Million for Stadium Screwup. Remember that $60 million stadium that turned out to have structural problems? The contractor and architect responsible are paying for their mistakes. It should be ready for graduation on June 6.

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Joe Tone Steps Down as Editor of the Dallas Observer

Too much change! It scares me! First they went and got rid of all Robert Wilonsky’s cute names for blogs (Unfair Park is now just “news,” City of Ate has become “restaurants”), and now the Observer has gone and lost its editor, Joe Tone. Here’s his announcement. He’s got a book project to focus on. So bully for him.

Now then. This gives us an opportunity to check in with Vegas for the odds on his replacement. Here’s what’s on the board:

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What Color Is the Trinity?

This was the view yesterday from the Sylvan Bridge at about 6:30 in the evening. Quite a sight. Times like these, you really appreciate that it’s not so much a river as it is a floodplain. But standing on the bridge, it occurred to me: the pretty Trinity renderings always show blue water. I hereby move that anyone who wants to be taken seriously should show us the river and the lakes as they will really look. Blue is fantasy. Greenish brown is the color of truth.

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Tony Romo Joined Twitter Last Night

He signed up right before 10 o’clock. For his profile pic, he chose the image you see here. I mean, yeah, he’s married to a very attractive lady. But is this a joint account? Candice has her own account. I don’t see him in her profile pic. So I’m throwing a flag and penalizing him 10 yards for that choice. So far he’s got 48,000 followers. His first tweet, below, is possibly the most boring tweet ever. Flagging that, too. But otherwise: Go, Cowboys!

Update: In the time it took me to write this post, he gained another 1,200 followers.

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Two Local Companies Jump to Top of Product Hunt

A guy I know who does “internet stuff” (liberal arts major’s understanding of his job) had to explain to me what Product Hunt is. Here’s what he said: “Product Hunt is still pretty insider, but what appears here is seen by a very hardcore tech crowd. It’s usually a good indicator of what you’ll see in mainstream tech news over the next 48 hours.” For his industry, he told me, it’s kind of like being on Oprah (if that were still a show).

The guy in question is Matt Sommer (full disclosure: I play poker with Matt, and one of his partners, Stephen Edmondson, used to work at D Magazine). Matt’s new thing is called Space Agent. Think of it like AdWords for folks who list properties on Airbnb. Let’s say you’ve got a condo in Dallas that you list with the rental service. Don’t just wait around for people to see your pad on Airbnb. Space Agent will find people on Facebook talking about visiting Dallas and then place an ad for your pad on their timeline. Sweet, right?

The funny thing is, on the list of Product Hunt’s cool stuff, another Dallas company is currently destroying Space Agent. That company is Foot Cardigan, the monthly sock club. As Matt said, “Disrupting the sock industry is a huge idea. Hard to compete.”

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Leading Off (5/12/15)

Violent Crime Is Up 9 Percent in Dallas. Police Chief David Brown briefed the City Council’s Public Safety Committee yesterday, saying that his officers will get “more aggressive in attacking this challenge.” Strange. I remember getting political mailers from Mayor Mike Rawlings bragging about how crime was down.

Middle School Fight Gets a Lot of Attention. Yes, a DISD cop had to use pepper spray to stop a fight at Billy Earl Dade Middle School. That’s never optimal. But basically it sounds like you had a bunch of kids watching a fight. Isn’t that pretty normal?

More Rain on the Way. I know. Pretty crazy, right? And the Trinity River is at minor flood stage.

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