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Tango Frogs Return to Lower Greenville

Have you heard of the Dallas family of frogs that survived a city ordinance threatening their home, and then narrowly escaped a deadly fire and hurricane-strong winds knocking them down to an almost certain death? And in the midst of it all, they were split apart, an emotional heartbreak leaving three in Nashville and three in Hillsboro?

Well, even if you haven’t, thanks to a few kind-hearted Texans, the Dallas half of these amphibious creatures will have happier days ahead of them. And if you drive by Taco Cabana on Lower Greenville today, you can see them, returned to their original home, nearly 30 years later.

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Daredevil Divers Compete at Possum Kingdom’s Hell’s Gate

Remember going to the pool as a kid, that day you decided to muster your strength, boost your confidence, and tiptoe to the edge of the diving board? I can still feel the fear, leaping into the deep end. Now imagine that diving board 90 feet up, atop a steep rock cliff. Even just in your imagination you’re probably beating a retreat, yeah?

Well, this past weekend at Possum Kingdom Lake, 19 world-class divers competed at highway-fast speeds on the second stop (of seven) in the 2014 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. They tested their fate at the lake’s ominously named Hell’s Gate, plunging into the cavernous depths below.

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