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Making Dallas Even Better

Guess Who Might Be Coming Back To Dallas?

By Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA derivative work: Edgars2007 via Wikimedia Commons
By Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA derivative work: Edgars2007 via Wikimedia Commons
We are getting the band back together! Except, OK, most of the members already went to other bands or got out of the business entirely and really, if you look at it, probably only the singer and the manager have stuck around, but still! Tyson! (And this guy, too, I guess.)

  • John O’Neill

    Mavs got fleeced. I don’t mind the players they gave up, but the draft picks too? When will these guys learn. Not to mention Chandler only has one year left on his deal, meaning it will be the end 2011 all over again, sans championship.

  • Mavdog

    You are critical of the proposed trade because the Mavs threw is 2 second round picks, the 34th and 51st?wow.
    like those picks have any real chance of being NBA players. getting a player who actually contributes with a pick at 34 is a rare happening, a once in a lifetime thing at 51.
    BTW expiring contracts have value.
    don’t follow the NBA do you?
    I see both teams getting what they needed. The Mavs not only improved defensively, they actually got younger. The Mavs also have more flexibility with free agent signings.

  • zaccrain

    I don’t even know what to say. They upgraded at the main position — center — where they needed to upgrade, and still will have somewhere around $20 million (depending on what Dirk signs for; probably will be around $10 million a year) to work on the rest of the roster. Plus, Chandler’s presence is a bigger draw for potential signees than any of the guys in the deal. And, if it doesn’t work out, his contract is up this season. This is a win all the way around. Even Ray Felton will probably improve, and if he doesn’t, it’s not like he’s a millstone they’ll have to deal with forever.