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Perot Jain LP Invests in Crowdfunding Company

Perot Jain LP's Ross Perot Jr.
Perot Jain LP’s Ross Perot Jr.

In 2013, Ross Perot Jr. and Anurag Jain formed tech investment firm Perot Jain LP out of an eagerness to support up-and-coming tech companies. The firm announced this week that it has selected Crowdnetic, a technology and market data solutions development firm that services the global crowdfinance marketplace, to receive an undisclosed amount of seed funding.

“Crowdfunding has rapidly grown from simple peer-to-peer lending to become a complex global phenomenon, and Crowdnetic brings essential transparency and stability to the marketplace,” said Perot in a press release. He described Crowdnetic as “the clear leader in their field.”

Founded in 2011 by a team of finance and data industry experts with experience in developing data-intensive solutions, Crowdnetic aims to craft resources that bolster the rapidly expanding crowdfunding industry.

“They have a clear roadmap to bring even more solutions to market to help crowdfunding platforms and investors take advantage of this dynamic new approach to lending and investing,” said Jain.

Among Crowdnetic’s most recent work are two products launched in the past year, Lendvious, which offers comprehensive marketplace data, and CrowdWatch, which provides normalized issuer information for private companies raising capital publicly.