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Leading Off (5/8/14)

City Council Gets to Wear Hard Hats. You can see that in the photo here of the council touring Texas Horse Park, scheduled to open in October. You can also read Mayor Rawlings saying Texas Horse Park is “beautiful so far.” But most of that story is about the fact that one of the operators with whom the city signed a 21-year agreement, River Ranch, is a little shady, or at least its owner is — and the city did almost no due diligence before signing that contract. You’ll also learn that the city apparently almost never does — no background checks, no combing over financials. But, sure, headline that story “Dallas City Council likes what it sees in tour of horse park.”

Denton Could Be First North Texas City To Ban Fracking. Its city council passed a temporary ban on Tuesday and they’re looking to make it permanent.

Cowboys’ Road to Another 8-8 Season Begins Tonight. I hope Jerry Jones and the Cowboys draft Johnny Manziel. Not because I think they need him. They probably don’t, or at least they need a lot of other things than quarterback. Storyline-wise, though — oh, man. Oh, sweet mercy. It would be the best thing ever. EVER. Also, ESPN would probably move half its work force here.