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Making Dallas Even Better

The Best Weather Forecast in the History of Meteorology

Stop what you are doing and watch this forecast for tomorrow’s weather in Dallas, Texas. It’s important.

  • Eric Celeste

    Mooney looks weird without his beard.

  • stephenedmo

    Who thinks of Pepsi before Coke? ^This guy right here does, that’s who.

  • Brian_Sweany

    Harold Taft can now rest in peace.

  • AeroRazavi

    Nova Scotia? Wonder if this guy lives near Sunnyvale.

  • AmyS

    Now that’s BiG.

  • jdheidle

    Autotune song makers… you now have work to do.

  • Johnyalamo

    Someone Auto tune this please.

  • Dan Koller

    My favorite parts are when he stops to take a breath/remember which city he’s talking about.

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    What about the forecast for Fort Worth?

  • TheGuy

    Nostradamus. There is no substitute.

  • Brad

    Put some wrestling tights on him and call him The Weatherman. His finishing move could be Chain Lightning.

  • Judas Priest
  • Tyrone

    Representin Sunnyvale straight the fuck up.

  • DelkusSleeves


  • Tim Christnagel

    I hope you all feel better about yourselves.

  • no_really

    Is this supposed to be funny? The guy obviously has a developmental issue. Didn’t realize it was still OK to laugh at that kind of thing.

  • Tim Rogers

    I didn’t say anything disrespectful about Frankie. His weather report is funny. And mesmerizing. And helpful. He put it on YouTube. Obviously he wants people to see it. I pointed people to it.

    Way I see it: no harm, no foul.

  • Michelle Williams

    … why did you do this to me????

    I can’t…

  • maximus

    What is that? Severe thunderstorm on May 8, 2014 Thursday?

  • Johnny Lee Lewis

    Love it!

  • Johnny Lee Lewis

    This guy is great.

  • Laura Sanders

    Smart guy! He sure knew what he was talking about…we got hit hard!

  • John Herrington

    It’s your tone, Tim. Don’t act like you’re not making fun of him. Just be a man and own up to it when you get called out. It’d be different if you talked about his challenges and applauded him for his work.

  • Nicholas Wolfwood

    Wait where is it going to rain?

  • Andrew Kasten

    One of the few places I’ve visited – the beautiful Nova Scotia….this is quite entertaining

  • Andrew Kasten

    Van – this is why we could not attend the Rangers game this evening….

  • DGirl

    Rainman was right.

  • Dave

    Evel Knievel would like to go a 200 ft jump under this SEVERE condition. LOL

  • Randall Day

    Thank you for this.

  • Randall Day

    Thank you for this. I’ll warn all the Dentonites.

  • Miss Delightful

    This was awesome – loved his passion and his humor!!! This is exactly how we react here in Dallas – CHARGE EVERYTHING! BUY FOOD! HALPPPPP!!!

  • bellalynne25

    Agreed. Tacky.

  • jameswm

    Maybe Gordon will let you borrow his Little Red Riding Hood get up.

  • FTB

    Frankie is a legend in Eastern Canada! We ALL support him and his weather reports.

  • FTB

    Frankie is a legend in eastern Canada. His weather reports have always been this awesome and we love him up here!!