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35 comments on “The Best Weather Forecast in the History of Meteorology

  1. Who thinks of Pepsi before Coke? ^This guy right here does, that’s who.

  2. My favorite parts are when he stops to take a breath/remember which city he’s talking about.

  3. Put some wrestling tights on him and call him The Weatherman. His finishing move could be Chain Lightning.

  4. Is this supposed to be funny? The guy obviously has a developmental issue. Didn’t realize it was still OK to laugh at that kind of thing.

  5. I didn’t say anything disrespectful about Frankie. His weather report is funny. And mesmerizing. And helpful. He put it on YouTube. Obviously he wants people to see it. I pointed people to it.

    Way I see it: no harm, no foul.

  6. Smart guy! He sure knew what he was talking about…we got hit hard!

  7. It’s your tone, Tim. Don’t act like you’re not making fun of him. Just be a man and own up to it when you get called out. It’d be different if you talked about his challenges and applauded him for his work.

  8. One of the few places I’ve visited – the beautiful Nova Scotia….this is quite entertaining

  9. Van – this is why we could not attend the Rangers game this evening….

  10. Evel Knievel would like to go a 200 ft jump under this SEVERE condition. LOL

  11. This was awesome – loved his passion and his humor!!! This is exactly how we react here in Dallas – CHARGE EVERYTHING! BUY FOOD! HALPPPPP!!!

  12. Frankie is a legend in Eastern Canada! We ALL support him and his weather reports.

  13. Frankie is a legend in eastern Canada. His weather reports have always been this awesome and we love him up here!!