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Can We All at Least Agree That Interstate 30 Should Be Buried?

This monster needs to be driven underground.
This monster needs to be driven underground.

We read the comments. We know that not all of you are yet on board with the notion of tearing out Interstate 345 in order to reunite downtown with Deep Ellum and reap the benefits of a development boom.

But what about the proposal to take Interstate 30 below the surface streets between Samuell Boulevard and Central Expressway? Throw a couple of nifty deck parks on top to create a grand entrance to Fair Park? As Zac writes in the May issue of D Magazine:

Burying I-30 would help restitch the city grid and, just as important, remove the visual impediment, the door we slammed shut on this area in the 1960s. It would pave the way for a return of the black and white middle class. People want to move back to the city. The development that has been moving down Henderson Avenue wants to keep going. Billions of investment dollars and millions in uncollected property tax revenue are waiting.

Who can possibly object to this idea? OK, OK, yeah, we don’t know how it’s getting paid for either. But we’ve got to start with the vision, don’t we?