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Watch Tim Ryan Destroy Rep. Jason Villalba on Morning Television

Dallas News |

As was mentioned in Leading Off this morning, last night the home-rule folks held a few community meetings across the city to make their case. From all accounts, things did not go, um, smoothly. This morning, Rep. Jason Villalba, who hosted one of the meetings, tried to answer some questions for Tim Ryan on Good Day. Villalba did not exactly, um, impress.

Look, man. Tim Ryan is no Anna Casey. He wasn’t trying to provoke Villalba into yanking out his earpiece, ending the interview, and walking back into his house. He was just asking the most basic of questions. Which Villalba fielded as if he were being asked to explain differential calculus. Don’t bail out of the interview until the end, when Ryan’s cohost, Lauren Pryzbyl throws in her two cents. So painful to watch.