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Which D Magazine Staffer Are You?


Long-suffering FrontBurnervians, we know what you’ve been wondering. If it came down to it, which member of the D Magazine staff could you assassinate and then slip undetected into his or her life?

Find out below with one of those quizzes that are all the rage online these days.

UPDATE: This quiz has come to an end. Check out the results:


27 comments on “Which D Magazine Staffer Are You?

  1. Apparently I’m Nancy, even though I’m never mistaken for a lesbian. At least as far as I know.

  2. Was Todd Johnson for about 3 seconds before the deal discombobulated and now I’m Cristina. I’ll take either.

  3. Apparently I’m Nancy Nichols. And oddly enough, I’m perfectly happy with that.

  4. Someone wears Alexander McQueen shoes? Apparently staffers are getting paid much better than when I worked there.

  5. I’m the new girl (Cristina); a bear-like creature full of bourbon and muffins, wearing boots, oblivious to Instagram while at Neighborhood Services and with moderate facial hair.

  6. So I’ve convinced your server that I’m Tim Rogers. That’s a start. But the real question is whether I can convince his wife….

  7. Thanks, Tristan!

    Sweety, you, as much as anyone, knows that the editorial team like to hire nubile young women, many of whom still receive allowance from Mommy and Daddy. Hi, Charlotte!

  8. There is no doubt I am Tim-Tim Rogers although I have never been mistaken for a lesbian. At least as far as I know.