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Have Questions About Home-Rule Effort? Ask Them Here.

We’ve talked about the effort behind making DISD a home-rule district for the past couple of days. I’ve got some questions. I’m guessing you do, too. Here’s your chance to get them answered.

On Thursday, D Magazine’s leadership group D Academy (a group of 23 people who meet monthly to discuss various topics impacting Dallas) is meeting for its education class day. A month ago, I asked DISD board member Mike Morath, Alliance/AFT’s president Rena Honea, and Commit’s chief strategy officer and co-COO Tarik Ward to sit on a panel to discuss the state of DISD. I asked Eric Celeste to moderate. I know Eric has plenty of questions he’d like to ask, but I wanted to open it up to see if you had any. If you were there on Thursday, what would you ask the panel? Tell me in the comments. I’ll pass them along. And I’ll report back on the discussion next week.