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Why You’ve Seen More Business Coverage on FrontBurner

Look, I could give you an explanation for why the eyes of loyal FrontBurnervians were forced during the last couple days to endure an unprecedented onslaught of additional business news content at absolutely no charge. I could give you that explanation, but it would bore you, and it would bore me. The short version is that we’re launching a new weekly business newsletter today, and we needed a spot within our website in which to house that news.

For a number of mind-numbingly dull reasons, FrontBurner became the best option. Business news has always been and will continue to be a segment of what our FrontBurner writers discuss, but we understand that some of the lower-level, inside-baseball sort of corporate news and information is really only of interest to those heavily invested in the Dallas business world, the readers of our D CEO magazine. So the plan all along was to create a tool that allows our writers to exclude those posts from the main FrontBurner feed page (which is where a significant number of you peruse our content each day.) Unfortunately the installation of that tool lagged the preparation of the newsletter by a day or so. (It’s working now.)

If you were offended by, or disgusted by, or stupefied by any of that unusual FrontBurner content, we apologize. If for some reason the presence of some future FrontBurner post causes you pain, our advice would be to skip over that content. We should have something else worth your time and attention.

For those saddened to learn that not all of the new business coverage will continue to appear at frontburner.dmagazine.com, I invite you to check out our Business Daily page, where you can read all that stuff, and much more. (And don’t forget to sign up for the new Business Daily newsletter while you’re at it. Just click on that little envelope icon at the top of any page of our site.)