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69 comments on “Save Your Nelson Mandela Status Messages, the Omni Dallas Just Won

  1. Nice sentiment by the omni paired with the worst and most tacky title for a news article I’ve ever seen. I would say D Mag is better than this, but I’d be lying.

  2. HOORAY and kudos Omni! We will miss this leader, he always stood for equality for all and hopefully more of us in this country will learn from his courage, leadership and and love of country!

  3. Gaudy? More like gorgeous. I dont what youre talking about but that thing is raking in the dough

  4. Che guevera was a terrorist who supposedly fought for the opressed by murdering women and children not that mandela was idk about that but your argument is full of holes.

  5. People are so stupid. Omni did something great and people want to criticize. They didn’t state that they were doing it for to market their product. No, they just did a good thing whether it bring wanted publicity or not. The negativity came when the stupid one brought up the subject.

  6. U r disturbed because u see the cup as half empty instead of half full. Omni did a great thing. That’s all they did and nothing else. They could have just posted random colors or mavs, stars or cowboys but they decided to do Nelson a good deed in his honor and there u go with the negativity.

  7. Rot in Hell Nelson Mandella – a lot of people would be alive today if you had died in prison or been taken out instead of arrested. Commie terrorist. You Liberal nobodies don’t know diddly about history. You public school rejects. Educate yourselves and pull your head out of your holes.

    This stuff is out there people. Use your heads before your pie holes. You couldn’t look more foolish but I’m sure your responses will be. My first and only time to the shit hole Liberal site.