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Leading Off (10/28/13)

Wendy Davis Bringing Out the Big Guns. It looks like the Democratic Senator from Fort Worth isn’t messing around. She’s hired Karin Johanson to manage her gubernatorial campaign. That’s the same Johanson who helped Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin defeat a rather beloved (in Wisconsin) former Gov. Tommy Thompson in 2012’s Senate race. Baldwin became the first openly gay person to be elected to the post.

Tear down Interstate 345. According to the Dallas Morning News’ architecture critic Mark Lamster, ridding the city of the highway you likely don’t even know under that name could be a major improvement to Dallas. It’s a compelling argument. I-345, which connects I-30 and the Woodall Rodgers Freeway, is nothing but a barrier on the east side of Downtown, Lamster writes, cutting the city off from Deep Ellum and East Dallas. Successfully completed in the ’70s, it also successfully drove out any pedestrian life, something I learned quickly upon moving to Dallas. On one of my first nights here, I accidentally tried to walk in that area. Lesson learned.

More Kennedy Reading Material. It’s not enough to read the books about President John F. Kennedy, you need to read about the books devoted to Kennedy. The New York Times alleged in this week’s Sunday Book Review that despite the books, all the books, we still don’t know much about Kennedy. It’s an interesting read for the first few pages, until Times editor Jill Abramson starts providing a synopsis of what feels like every Kennedy book ever written. But I’d recommend the early portion.

Ready for Christmas? The lights are already going up.