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Cam McDaniel Is Smoking Hot


The lad you see here is Coppell’s own Cam McDaniel. He plays football for Notre Dame. And the internet has discovered that he’s handsome. The photo was taken during the game last weekend against USC. When McDaniel lost his helmet on a play, the world learned that while he’s running the ball, he’s thinking about kissing you.

  • JtB

    Umm… Tim… Notre Dame is a well know Catholic institution. We all know the Catholic stance on homosexuality. I hope he is not thinking about kissing me.

    But I am a little flattered….

  • Vince

    And I’m sure they are no gay catholics.

  • Jack Jett

    For a Hettie, you sure know how to pick ’em Tim. Please, more of the same.

  • Tim Rogers

    High praise from you, Jack. Thanks.