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Does Dallas Morning News Dining Critic Leslie Brenner Even Like Dallas?

I don’t read her stuff enough to know, so I’m sitting this one out. But a couple different items that Morning News dining critic Leslie Brenner has posted to her blog in the last week have raised the hackles of our SideDish contributors, as well as (judging by the comments on this post) many of her own readers.

Our own dining critic, Nancy Nichols, was compelled to respond to a snotty remark Brenner made about Dallas sushi and her habit of negatively comparing Dallas to her hometown. Nancy writes:

Lighten up and let Los Angeles go. You hit town when the restaurant business was struggling through dreadful economic times. The last year and a half has been exciting. Creative chefs and restaurateurs are attracting international attention. I urge you to understand a business before you drop kick it to West Covina. If you don’t, I’d advise checking the want ads in the The San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Today our food truck guru, George Lewis, took to the blog to respond to the many unflattering comments Brenner made about the new Truck Yard on Lower Greenville. (It does seem strange to pronounce a place “not awesome” having only visited it once during the middle of a weekday.) George wasn’t going to stand for Brenner’s implication that there aren’t even three interesting food trucks in all of Dallas:

She then rants about not seeing the “Carnival Barker’s, the ice cream truck.” I just don’t know what to say about this rant. Carnival Barker is not even a food truck. It’s a window in the front of the building! At the entrance! There is a big ice cream cone on top of it, too, that you can’t miss…

Finally, Ms. Brenner asks, “I’m wondering whether there even are three interesting food trucks in Dallas. “Okay, let me make this easy on you, and in no particular order: Easy Slider, Taco Party, Good Karma Kitchen, Nammi, Pompeii, Trailercakes, Enticed Shaved Ice,Guava Tree and/or Ruthie’s Grilled Cheese. And it is a shame that you missed out onYellow Belly, City Street Grille, Munch Box, or Little Vessel Grill, who have all closed for various reasons.

Yes, Ms. Brenner, we have more than three interesting food trucks in Dallas.