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Big Fail at DFW Airport Over the Weekend

Expect major delays at DFW. They installed a new entry and exit system last week. Their website is all happy about it:

We know that when you travel, you want the fastest, most efficient process possible. With the new plazas, this is exactly what you can expect. The entry lanes are now fully automated… go ahead and sail on through after using your TollTag to enter or pressing the button to get an entry ticket.

One problem. It doesn’t work. The system does not recognize Tolltags — even in the Tolltag only lanes. The airport had employees out on every lane Saturday trying to help bewildered motorists, but the employees themselves didn’t seem to know how to make it work. If there are long lines on a Saturday, it’s gonna be a very fun Monday.

Good rule for airports installing new entry and exit systems: test, test, TEST — and then TEST again.