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Leading Off (9/12/13)

Chief David Brown Defends How Department Pursued Serial Rapist. I mean, I sort of get what he’s saying. You don’t want to scare the guy off, so you keep it quiet. But 1) that’s a pretty risky game to play with your citizens. We’re not talking about a purse snatcher. And 2) it was only when the DPD opened up about it that they got the tip that led to the arrest of Van Dralan Dixson, who has been DNA-tied to at least four of the attacks. ALSO, keeping quiet led to the frenzied environment surrounding the arrest of Alan Mason, who it appears almost certainly had nothing to do with it, but for the better part of a day last week, everyone assumed was the culprit after Brown called him a “person of interest.” Yes, he did not call him a suspect, but that is a pretty fine distinction when you’ve also just announced that there have been nine rapes in one area in just a couple of months and that the person who did it is at large. Chief Brown really should just stop talking. I know it’s hard to do. Anyone who knows me knows it’s hard to do.

Chewbacca Has Double Knee Replacement Surgery. Peter Mayhew, who played Han Solo’s wookie sidekick in the Star Wars movies, hopes to walk again after getting both knees replaced. He’s been in a wheelchair for two years. Oh, he lives in Boyd, in case you’re wondering why I’m posting that here.

Rangers Lose Game I Almost Went To, Now Three Games Out of First Place. In fairness, a lot of teams are losing to Pittsburgh. But the Rangers have been on a pretty bad skid lately. I mean, apparently. Haven’t really been paying attention. In other sports news, “Tony Romo on MVP Watch list” is a real headline I just saw.

Kenneth Maun: Collin County Tax Assessor Collector, Hero. Maun says it’s not his job to block vehicle registrations until the owner has paid off the North Texas Tollway Authority, a power the state lege gave to the NTTA in June. “I’m not staffed to serve NTTA, nor do I feel they’re doing a competent job of collection,” Maun says. No one should help the NTTA. Thank you, Ken.