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Abbott, Holder Team Up to Bash Airline Merger

Attorney General Greg Abbott, who’s running for governor, ought to be looking over his shoulder in North Texas, now that he’s made the bone-headed move of trying to help Eric Holder’s Justice Department deep-six the American Airlines/US Airways merger. Abbott, who must believe he’s bullet-proof among Republican primary voters, claims to be looking out for small Texas airports that might lose service under the deal. Holder says the proposed combination would raise ticket prices, especially in places like Washington, D.C. They’re both messing with a solid plan that would save jobs and keep the DFW economy strong. And, they’re overlooking the power of the free market to birth nimble new competitors catering to “underserved” airline consumers—if there were such consumers in the first place. Tom Pauken, I think you’ve just been handed a hot campaign issue.