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The Ticket Takes Over Dallas ESPN Affiliate 103.3

The city’s dominant sports talk radio station, SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket, told its employees today that it will begin operating rival station KESN-FM 103.3, Dallas’ ESPN radio affiliate, the Morning News says. No immediate changes are expected in either of the stations’ lineups.

This seems like big news, even to someone like me, who never listens to any commercial radio and cannot stand talk radio shows of the rambling-host-and-semipro-callers variety. (The ratings suggest that I am very much in the minority among men ages 25-54.)

11 comments on “The Ticket Takes Over Dallas ESPN Affiliate 103.3

  1. Jason, the reason that The Ticket kicks the butts of the rest of the DFW sports radio stations is that they very rarely take calls. Sports is certainly front and center, but pretty much all of popular culture and the news are also in the mix. And the discussion is refreshingly local…

  2. I’ve heard that about the station — from pretty much every staff member of the D Magazine Empire. I’d say the Ticket’s market share among all of our employees is near 80%.

  3. So they are not just taking over the frequency? they actually own ESPNradio Dallas?

  4. The quickest way to get me to change to another station is to take a call from a listener.
    The last thing I want to hear is some idiot like me on the radio.

    I tune in to hear the opinions of the hosts I respect. I despise listening to the musings of Joe Sixpack.

  5. They have a local marketing agreement (LMA) to program and run the station. They’ve basically been contracted to run the operations. But it looks like part of that agreement is that they keep ESPN national programming.