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R.I.P., Richard Snyder

snyderYou probably don’t know the name Dick Snyder. When he died on Tuesday, I got an email from one of his sons, Rob Snyder, a friend of mine. (The other Snyder boy, also a Richard, is my cardiologist.) Rob explained to the recipients of the email that his father had passed but that his parents were (are, in his mother’s case) both very private people and that the service, whenever it happened, would only be for immediate family. Which is why yesterday brought an unexpected development. Bobbi Snyder went public with her husband’s death, using PRNewswire to distribute this obit. As Rob said, “Mom kinda surprised me with this one.”

Those of you who use the Katy Trail now know why flowers showed up last night at the spot here pictured.

6 comments on “R.I.P., Richard Snyder

  1. An honorable man has passed on and left a legacy. Thank you for your wonderful gifts and support of the Katy Trail.

  2. As Tim said, “you probably don’t know the name Dick Snyder.” But, if you live in Dallas, New York, Cabo etc.,, you may know someone or some organization who benefitted from his and Bobbi’s generosity. Because they have been private, you may not know it came from them. They have changed many lives. He was “a good man” and he will be missed.

  3. While I knew of the highflying Snyder brothers, I didn’t know about their father … Hard to believe that there is all of that achievement in a single family … Particularly when compared to the generational failings of most prominent Dallas clans.

  4. RIP Mr. Snyder. The flowers at Snyder’s Union are a very appropriate, moving gesture.

  5. Never has there been a team like Dick and Bobbi. Together they’ve done so much for so many, however quietly. I’ll miss my friend.