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The New Big Tex Got Back

Just saw the Wall Street Journal article from Friday about the “ruckus” around these parts caused by the re-creation of Big Tex. I hadn’t been aware of the plans for his posterior:

Fair officials say it will cost about $500,000 to recreate Big Tex, and they have hired a design company that is using 3-D computer modeling to help with the project. Fair officials promise the new Big Tex will embody the folksy spirit of the original, but are making what they say are some improvements.

Mr. Tex will be 3 inches taller in order to accommodate a fire-suppression system. His buttocks will be enlarged so his jeans will fit better. And instead of a puppetlike jaw that moves up and down, Big Tex’s new mouth will move more like a human’s.

6 comments on “The New Big Tex Got Back

  1. So do we now have to call him MR. TEX? Or is it MR. TEX. SIR? Is the WSJ perhaps not aware that Mr. Tex is not a homo sapien? Those Eastern writers need to get out more.

  2. Three inches taller or three inches longer? I mean, if it’s a fire suppression system …

  3. Yea!!! They’re finally giving big Tex an ass!! Now howsa bout some love handles to make him a real 70+ year old man

  4. I do believe bro Tim could find a gutter for his mind in the middle of the ocean…….

  5. I guess if you’ve never been around old real Texans you would assume they look like other people. You would be wrong, leather hands, no ass, etc

  6. Love handles don’t mean a wide ass, go to a walmart in a place like Abilene.