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The Alamo Plaza Sign and the Need For Nostalgia

photo by Justin Cozart/Flickr
photo by Justin Cozart/Flickr

As Oak Cliff People notes, the Alamo Plaza sign that stood on Fort Worth Avenue, and in the way of Sylvan Thirty, will be incorporated into the new development, just not in the form that some proponents of its preservation had hoped.

The sign is going to be broken up into three pieces that will be placed on different portions of the site. Seems like a great solution. The sign can still serve as a creative reminder of a portion of the history of that patch of land, kind of like that “Park” sign at Main Street Garden downtown.

Sure it would’ve been cool for Sylvan Thirty to keep the sign where it is, and incorporate it into their plans there, as the Lucas B&B sign on Oak Lawn has been preserved, but it still seems as though it’ll be an asset for Sylvan Thirty.