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Hear Richard P. Sheridan’s Vile Voicemail Tirade After Losing His Dallas City Council Election Bid

Having now listened to the voicemail that city council candidate Richard P. Sheridan left our Dan Koller over the weekend because of his election preview article, I sincerely hope that the man is never a Twitter user. I’m sure that he could single-handedly add several degrees of red to Dallas’ appearance on the Geography of Hate map. Dan was too kind in his description of the message.

You can listen for yourself below. WARNING: Very Not Safe For Work. You may need a shower afterwards.

69 comments on “Hear Richard P. Sheridan’s Vile Voicemail Tirade After Losing His Dallas City Council Election Bid

  1. So what? Some people vote in the opposite party’s primaries for the purpose of getting the weaker candidate on the ballot in the general election.

  2. Apparently he cannot hide his thoughts and feelings as well as other Texas politicians.

  3. i think he’s already insane…he wants a position in the public sector?

  4. ah, you must have voted for him…i see you use the same language and rants. i am amazed at the christian ethic you people show…i am betting you “praise the lord” at least three times a week, then get drunk on the weekends and screw someone wife if you could. i also don’t believe you know what the hell “fascism” is…you just parrot what you hear on the right wing rado shows.

  5. just because he voted in the democratic primary does not mean he is one. his “rants” and choice of words are exactly what you hear on the right.

  6. sarah, i have not talked directly with him nor will i ever do so…frankly, if i see him, i will walk in the other direction. but his “message” is totally right wing….far, far right wing.

  7. No … he states it will not be physical “so don’t call the police you cunt coward” .. LOL

  8. I believe Mr. Grogan was responding to @TheTAmericanist, who looked, by his comment to be in favor of the gay-bashing redneck featured in the story.

  9. Islam IS an IDEOLOGY as well as a religion of HATE. They claim it to be the ‘Religion of Peace’, but that peace is to be had only through total SUBMISSION to the Supreme Dictator in the sky. Read and listen to Christopher Hitchens.

  10. This Sheridan character has been thrown out of official City of Dallas proceedings on multiple occasions. I have been told he once threatened Mayor Miller when she was serving the people. The man although he does not realize it, most likely has serious mental issues and should be forced into psychological evaluation at Timberlawn. This man’s erratic behavior could be a danger to society, and we should find out now before he hurts someone. Mr. Sheridan has illusions of grandeur, but has never been elected to any office, or held a regular long term job for the same employer in decades. He is so out of touch with reality he thinks he speaks the word of God as he curses people out. I really feel sorry for this disturbed individual, but I sincerely believe he should be incarcerated in a mental facility until further notice.