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Jacqueline and Max Anderson To Divorce

From her Facebook page:

A letter to family, friends, and colleagues from Jacqueline Buckingham and Maxwell Anderson:

It is with ongoing love and deepest mutual respect that we share the news of our legal divorce.

Although a legal marriage bond is behind us, we are moving forward with new vows as dedicated partners in parenting, committed champions of each other as individuals, and strong supporters of each other’s careers, dreams, and life’s work.

For nearly 20 years, we have worked as a devoted team, and are extremely proud of our marriage and our two children together. It is our sincere goal to honor our marriage and family, and allow what was built together, to continue to thrive.

Max will continue as director of the Dallas Museum of Art. Jacqueline is working on a book on this positive approach to evolving relationships and her own divorce process titled Separating into Wholeness: Revolutionary Relationships & Evolutionary Families. She is embarking on a book series and plans to teach and speak across the country. More information found at

In writing this letter we are seeking not condolences but best wishes on life’s journey ahead.

With love,
Max & Jacqueline

It is tempting to make a quip about a divorce announcement that comes with news of a book in the works about said divorce, but now is not the time. Let us bear in mind that children are involved. Let’s bear this in mind, too. And, just for good measure, this.