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Dallas Has at Least One Slang Term of Its Own

The other day, due to a miscommunication with my wife, I shared a small DART bus with a man whose phone conversation was peppered with three things: profanity, the phrase “you know what I’m sayin’,” and the word “T-Jones.” Using my context clues, I assumed this word meant “teacher,” because the man’s conversation seemed to be about how the institutional racism inherent in the SAT (in the man’s opinion) was going to keep his son from getting into a good college. But Urban Dictionary tells me that “T-Jones” is “Texas slang for mother or grandmother.” What I found especially interesting is that the term is “mostly used in the Dallas area.” Huh. Are there other Dallas-area slang terms that I’m not aware of but should be using?

3 comments on “Dallas Has at Least One Slang Term of Its Own

  1. The Madge or The Marge or whatever you guys call that new bridge…I love that one.

  2. Big D
    d town
    Triple D’d (wearing D labels-fashion)
    Gubby (gay hubby)
    HP Mom – “you know, she was one of those Highland Park Moms…”