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Pentagon Grounds the Fort Worth-Assembled F-35 Fighter Jet

Photo: The United States Navy

The Pentagon suspended flights of the F-35 fighter jet today, after a routine inspection of a test plane found a crack on a turbine blade. The fighters are built by Lockhead Martin and assembled in Fort Worth.

The news comes on the heels of a BusinessWeek story published today that questions the entire $400 billion F-35 project, one beset by cost overruns. The most expensive weapons system in U.S. history has run 70 percent over-budget, the magazine reported. With a possible sequester around the corner, and defense spending on the table, lawmakers have looked long and hard at the project but are hesitant to make cuts. The F-35 project alone supports 41,000 jobs in Texas, the company reports.

3 comments on “Pentagon Grounds the Fort Worth-Assembled F-35 Fighter Jet

  1. I don’t fly, but what’s a trubine blade? Is it that thing that whirls in front of the cockpat or the big spinning thing just under the falps?

  2. And every single one of those 41,000 jobs voted Republican, so don’t expect any love from on high