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Zat Crane Eez in Trouble!

What I’m hoping is that the manufacturer of this crane is French. That way, my headline makes sense. Sorta. Anyway, my mind grapes were squeezed by the “Zac Crain” and “that crane” thing. Moving on.

Margaux Anbouba is an intern for D Home, D Weddings, and D Moms. Last night, she was driving down Turtle Creek when she espied the terrifying sight you see here. A crane had apparently tried to hoist a load too heavy and was tottering toward the creek at the intersection of Turtle Creek and Cedar Springs. Margaux says she passed the scene twice, once at 6:30 and then again at 9:30, by which time two other cranes had taken up positions on either side of the tipping crane (which makes me think of a tippling Crain), presumably to effect a rescue mission.

So um. Just thought you’d enjoy that.