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Only 13 Percent of Texans Have a Favorable Opinion of Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

Photo: Algorithm Labs

Twenty years ago, Jerry Jones might have been the most popular owner in sports. His Cowboys had just won the first of three Super Bowls, and public opinion was sky-high. Now, not so much. In a report released today by Public Policy Polling, researchers found that only 13 percent of Texans have a positive opinion on Jones, while 50 percent have a negative one. Fifty-two percent of Cowboys fans think the team would be better off with another owner, compared to only 14 percent who think the franchise would be worse off.

Bright spot:

Jones isn’t the most unpopular athletic figure in Texas though. That ‘honor’ would go to Lance Armstrong who in spite of his native son status in the state is seen positively by only 16% of voters compared to 59% with a negative opinion, numbers that aren’t a whole lot better than what we found for him on recent Minnesota and Maine polls.

(There’s also some unimportant mumbo-jumbo in the report about Hillary Clinton possibly winning the state in the 2016 presidential election, and some words about how much Texans don’t want Rick Perry to run for president again. You know, unimportant stuff. The full report’s here.)