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Former — and Now Indicted — New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Is Living in Frisco

This bizarre story comes from our friends at the Times-Picayune, one of the greatest newspapers in the country. Seems that Ray Nagin, the former New Orleans mayor who was recently indicted on 21 counts of public corruption, has set up shop in Frisco, in a neighborhood where “the houses all match, as do the plants and small trees in the tiny yards – recalling the ersatz town in the movie ‘The Truman Show,’ without the bright colors.”

Intrepid reporter Gordon Russell:

It would be hard to think of a place in America more unlike New Orleans than this one — by some accounts the nation’s fastest-growing city, a place where cranes and bulldozers are converting ranch land into ranch homes at a dizzying pace, and where the dining options boil down to a choice among Applebee’s, Chili’s or the Olive Garden. But this is where Ray Nagin has chosen to settle down: in a quiet subdivision of 300 modest townhomes called Bella Casa, with streets named after Italian cities, backing up to the Dallas Parkway.

It’s the sort of neighborhood one can easily disappear into, and Nagin has done just that. In interviews earlier this month, many neighbors of the former New Orleans mayor — a fixture on national television after the flooding of his city a few years ago — were surprised to learn of their famous interloper’s identity.

Truly screwy, and worth your time.