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Area PTA Mom Trashes Mike Huckabee for ‘Political Posturing’ Following Sandy Hook

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Mike Huckabee and many other “Christians” said the massacre was due – partly, at least – to the fact that “sale viagra

-from-our-schools” target=”_blank”>we’ve systematically removed God from our schools.” That didn’t sit well with Kimberly Burkett. She took to the Educate For Texas blog and unleashed:

If you visited a neighborhood elementary school like Sandy Hook, or any public school for that matter, you would see that God’s presence and the teachings of Jesus Christ are well represented by the works of the people in those buildings. Now perhaps His presence isn’t seen in the way you want — there aren’t readings from the Bible (or any other religious texts for that matter) and the Ten Commandments aren’t posted in classrooms (nor are the Pillars of Islam, actually), but His presence and teachings are instead practiced, demonstrated, and felt. You see, Mr. Huckabee, if you visited the schools you quickly denounce for removing your symbols of God, you’d find that His work actually takes places there every day.

Burkett’s husband is a principal in Grand Prairie ISD, so she presumably has some good info on this one. She concludes:

Mr. Huckabee, why are you and other sanctimonious detractors more concerned that educators don’t lead children in prayer instead of sharing concern for the many challenges that schools and impoverished children face daily? Why are you saddened that children aren’t taught Biblical parables instead of uplifted by the miracles that occur in schools every day? If you don’t see God in the efforts and works of schools and educators, I’m afraid you’re not really looking.

You see, Mr. Huckabee, schools don’t need to preach the Gospel or read the Bible every day to bring God into the classroom. He never left.

Mic: dropped. The post has nearly 400 comments.