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Paula Broadwell Wanted To Recruit Lance Armstrong For a Bike Ride With David Petraeus

Says right here in Time that Paula Broadwell tried to lure Plano native and zero-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong into a surprise bike ride with David Petraeus:

Broadwell and CIA Director David Petraeus had fallen into an extramarital affair after years of close contact as biographer and subject. Born two days and 20 years apart, they had big benchmarks approaching–his 60th, her 40th–and Broadwell was looking for a suitably momentous gift. As she had tweeted proudly a few days before, Broadwell had a date for a “1v1 run with Lance Armstrong.” What she did not mention was her plan to recruit Armstrong for a surprise birthday bike ride with the fitness-mad Petraeus. If all went as she planned, the retired four-star general would ride into his seventh decade alongside cycling’s greatest star.

She also apparently asked, “Does anyone know Lance Armstrong?” on her Facebook page, like a fourth-grader hoping for Selena Gomez at her birthday party.