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Leading Off (11/7/12)

Four More Years. Tim already broke the news about who won the presidential election. He totally stole my thunder.

Local Politics. But the presidential election wasn’t the only thing that happened yesterday. Go here to see what happened in North Texas elections yesterday. (Could I have put this as part of the previous post? Yes. In fact, they were the same post. Then I realized that all the important news was the election. There really wasn’t much left over.)

Amber Young Is Real. In case you, like me, thought Amber Young, the person who racked up more than $180,000 in NTTA fines, wasn’t real, you were wrong. She is real, and she’s going to pay off her bill. (I know I’m late to this, but there was an update to the story with fresh content, so that makes it not so late. And, again, most of the news is about elections.)


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