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PollWatch2012: Mohawk Elementary, Richardson

From an alert, but uncertain, FrontBurnervian:

I’ve been reading posts from around the country about people being asked for identification outside polling places as they were on their way in. Same thing happened to me this morning in Richardson, and it got my back up but I decided it was just me. Now I’m not so certain.

I got in line (a short line) at Mohawk Elementary School in Richardson this morning shortly after 7:30. A woman was working her way down the line and I heard her asking if people had their voter registration card and their photo ID. That got my attention so I asked if she knew that a judge had stayed the part about the photo ID. She told me she had said voter registration OR photo ID. I figured I had misheard her so I went back to reading my book. When she got to me she asked if I had my voter registration. I said yes and she asked to see it. I asked why and she said they were just checking to see that people were in the right place to, you know, make things move more quickly.

I showed her my registration, but I was reflecting on national reports, and on the fact that I didn’t think to ask her who she was, and on the fact that I’d never been asked such questions at a polling station before and I’m wondering if something was going on. No way to tell now, and I am pleasantly surprised that nothing like what I experienced has been reported.

Maybe she was being helpful, but there was a vibe there that made me wonder.

Twist! A PollWatch twist!