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Big Tex Is Hot

And he’s burning down. We have no details. But I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.

Photo by Bryan Casey.

UPDATE: There is now a Crowdtilt campaign to get Big Tex a new set of clothes. The campaign is set to tip at $50,000. (I’m sure you remember Crowdtilt. It’s what Cuban used to save the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.)

20 comments on “Big Tex Is Hot

  1. I love the second sentence of this alert on Channel 8’s site: “A fire has left Big Tex a skeletal frame on the State Fair of Texas grounds. Only his hands were left intact. More details to come.” The only thing missing is “He left behind a wife and three children.”

  2. DMN is reporting that only his large hands survived. Maybe Big Tex wanted to transform himself into Tom Leppert.

  3. DMN is reporting that only his large hands survived. Maybe Big Tex wanted to transform himself into Tom Leppert.

  4. If they did this every year — ritualistically, let’s say — I’ll bet they’d attract a devoted coterie of hippies, anarchists, artists and computer-programmer curiosity seekers that would mushroom over time until the event became “too big.”

    Time to beat Austin at its own game, people. I’m talkin’ the Burning Tex Festival.

  5. I live in Dallas, but work in Fort Worth. So that means, obviously, I work with a bunch of people from Fort Worth … all of them think that the burning of Big Tex is funny. Hearing all of the laughter and mocking around me – it’s a sad place to be right now.

  6. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic talking statue. Big Tex will be that statue. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. We can even make him say (in an Arnold-like voice)… “I’ll be back”.

  7. His ‘Dickey’s’ sign survived – what a great advertisement for the brand. “Even when you’ve caught on fire, our label with survive”

  8. Looks like the last scene of The Wicker Man (the good one, not the Nicolas Cage remake). I hope the human sacrifice inside was acceptable to the harvest gods, otherwise the apple crop will fail yet again.

  9. It’s close to Halloween, just put a really big sheet over the frame with a couple of spots for eyes and let him finish out the fair. Only 3 days to go. It could be Big Tex trick-or-treating.

  10. Robert Jeffress says it is because of the gays in Dallas. I think it was using poppers while smoking. It has happed to me too many times to mention.