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8 comments on “Important Bill Minutaglio Story in The Texas Observer

  1. Why is Tim hot on this column? Hmm. Oh there it is, down in paragraph 8. Really, Tim, this is getting worse than that time on Facebook.

  2. @Wes Mantooth: Just remember who you’re talking to, buddy. The man who, over the last several years, has done the best, most consistent coverage of the media in Dallas.

  3. Bill’s bio on Molly Ivins is a wonderful read. His column on the state of Journalism in the Texas Observer is always worth reading. nice kudo Tim.


  4. @Tim: You’re our own homegrown Howie Kurtz. Only with (sometimes) a better haircut.

  5. Any time I hear about The Dallas Morning News or Belo making yet another attempt to even understand, much less profit from, the Internet on any level, I remind myself that Belo considered the CueCat a brilliant idea.

  6. Tim, I’m a little embarrassed for all of us that he felt the need to parenthetically mention something so obvious.