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Making Dallas Even Better

Mike Modano To Be Inducted Into U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame On Monday

Someone sent me this link with the subject “Isn’t this story FrontBurner worthy?” I guess I answered that by posting the link just now. Along with Modano, this year’s hall of fame class includes someone named Lou Lamiorello, Ed (a guy with a hard-to-spell last name), the cast of the first two installments of the Mighty Ducks franchise (but, pointedly, not the third), and the one night I actually watched a Stanley Cup game in a bar though, admittedly, I was playing pool most of the time and waiting for a band to start. I might have made up some of this.

(Yes, Modano is the best hockey player the United States has ever produced, and there are probably a lot of you out there who revere him or like sports-themed restaurants or guys with perfectly trimmed stubble beards or don’t like Willa Ford or just love hockey and/or the roomy comfort of hockey jerseys to whom this is a very big deal. I’m truly happy for you, and I’m more than likely not just saying that.)

  • RossG

    Ha Thanks.

  • Bradford Pearson

    I’m more of a Brian Leetch fan for the “best American ever” title, but whatever.

  • Tim Rogers

    Zac, they are called sweaters, not jerseys. I love you.

  • Nicky

    Never mind that you had a cover story on him a few years back that featured a prominent plug on your former BFF, Eleanor Mowery-Sheets.