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Brenda Jarvis Sues David Kiger for Blabbing About Abortion

Unfair Park saw an item move on Courthouse News today about a lady named Brenda Jarvis and a guy named David Kiger. Jarvis is suing Kiger because, she claims, he impregnated her, then convinced her to get an abortion because he had a rare genetic disorder, then paid her $744,000 to keep quiet about the abortion. She claims she and Kiger entered into a contract that he has now violated by talking about the abortion. Jarvis is suing for defamation, breach of contract, and fraud.

This isn’t Brenda Jarvis’ first legal filing over a sexual encounter, though. Back in 2004, she filed suit a sexual-discrimination lawsuit against Sara Lee’s chief executive, C. Steven McMillan. She claimed that McMillan offered her a $140,000-per-year gig in exchange for sex. The sex happened, but the gig never materialized.

Seems like if David Kiger and C. Steven McMillan sat down to have a beer together, they would have a lot to talk about.

[Update here.]

10 comments on “Brenda Jarvis Sues David Kiger for Blabbing About Abortion

  1. Three quarters of a million dollars.
    And one dead baby.
    How screwed up is that?

    Welcome to your Dallas Glam Set.

  2. Ok, we really need to see a picture of Brenda Jarvis! $140k a year is almost $1200 a month/$2700 a week — for sex? Or was it have sex with me once, then get a job paying $140k?
    Bottom line, we still need a picture!

  3. Well, Ms. Jarvis IS a bit rough looking.

    But then again: Kiger himself looks as if a Poster Boy for crossdressing. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    But which realities bring up the inevitable question: WHO WAS PITCHING?

  4. The man(?) has had bad dental work, bad plastic surgery, hair plugs and don’t even get me started on the fake tan. My question is how did he get, not one, but TWO women to sleep with him? Is there really a shortage of eligible men in Dallas?