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19 comments on “Rhonda Aikman Arrest Video

  1. Thank you for posting as I don’t go to TMZ and like to be updated on local shenanigans.
    @whocares, This is Rhonda Aikman trying to use her ex-husband Troy (the famous Cowboys quarterback) Aikman’s name to get out of breaking the law.

  2. why would she think this would hurt Troy? They are divorced now.

    @Courtney, because it news about a prominent Dallas figures ex wife trying to use his name to avoid being arrested

  3. Painful and sad. I shouldn’t have watched. I wish you hadn’t given me the opportunity. I need a shower.

  4. I feel sorry for her. I mean how many times have you been so drunk early in the afternoon that you get arrested? Look in the mirror people. Cast the first stone.

    To be serious, I want to hang out with her. She is very hot and will drink in the morning. She may be the perfect woman.

  5. I have been so drunk early in the afternoon that I should be arrested many, many, many, many times

  6. What are the odds. A few days ago, one afternoon, I was drunk out of my mind on Patron XO Cafe (thanks Tim). The police officer arrived at the McDonald’s playground and climbed into the tube tower where I was hiding. Once he dragged me out of the children’s area, I just started crying and yelling: “Why are you doing this?! Are you trying to hurt Troy Aikman? Are you? Because that’s what’s going to happen! You’re going to hurt Troy!” He let me go with a warning.

    True story.

  7. This is why cops hate working in affluent white areas. Nobody can take their medicine without first saying, “Do you know who I am?” and then blubbering. Well, Tim wouldn’t do that. But other white people. World’s blubberiest race of people.

  8. Who is this Michael she speaks of? And what a shame. I feel badly for her kids. I hope she gets sober for good and can be a good mother to them. She can’t be if she’s all drunked up like that.

  9. why is this “not cool to post”? It’s on, a site that gets hundreds of thousands hits a day, do you think everyone in DFW doesn’t know it exist? Oh, and BTW, it will be on the TMZ TV SHOW also, but no one watches TV in Dallas, right?

  10. She sounded quite a bit less than drunk. But MADD has forced the line down to .08 – a level that puts rum cake bakers at risk for “over-serving”.
    If the coppers breathalized everyone coming out of (fill in your favorite restaurant/bar) on a Friday night at 9pm, half would go to jail under the current law.
    But where are the cops at 3am on Central Expressway Sunday mornings when I am on the way to the duck blind? I use the extreme right lane as I go south because of the several cars in the left lane going 90mph.