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Robert Wilonsky on Andy Samberg

Fingers of Fury is now the assistant managing deputy staff writer of the Morning News, but he still has his fingers in other pies. Like American Way. An alert FBvian points us to Wilonsky’s profile of Samberg in the current issue. It’s a solid effort that would have been improved by more references to Herschel.

8 comments on “Robert Wilonsky on Andy Samberg

  1. Mooney at your outfit. Hargrove at the Observer. Wilonsky at the DMN. Our reading cup overflows.

  2. At the end of “The Trouble With Angels” , Haley Mills (Mary) leaves the school and joins the convent. We never expected her to. She was always such a wisecracker. That is what I feel like with Robert going over to the DMN. He’s a traitor. He joined the convent. He is going to be a Nun and never talk to us again.

    It is all so sad.

  3. Well thanks a ton Jack Jett. Now all I can see is RW in a nun’s outfit. Not a pretty image (mostly the goatee).

  4. Jett,
    He talks to those of us who read the DMN and its blog all the time.